Three Tips for Getting a Job with No Experience

They say you can’t get a job without experience, but how are you supposed to gain experience without getting a job? Fortunately, there are several solutions to this Catch-22. Here are a few ways to land the job.

Focus on Education

Have you ever noticed that some job postings ask for a bachelor’s degree OR 5 years of experience? It’s not that different in non-degree positions such as light industrial jobs. Take a welding course or get certified as a forklift operator, and you’ll have something to bring to the table. If you show that you have an aptitude for this type of work, many employers will let you learn the specifics on the job. Here’s a few alternatives to consider.

Show Off Your Soft Skills

Soft skills help workplaces run more smoothly, and they can help you land the job of your dreams. No matter exactly what position you want, skills like teamwork, organization, critical thinking, and communication are essential. Highlight them on your resume, and be ready to discuss them during your interview.

All Experience Counts

Remember that experience is a broad topic that doesn’t just include paid long-term positions. Did you build sets for your high school play? Did you grow up around construction sites with your grandfather? For light industrial jobs, employers want to know that you know how to handle tools and equipment. So be sure to point out examples of times that you’ve used these items.

You can also take a temp job in your area of interest. Since it isn’t a long-term commitment, many employers are more willing to take a chance on an inexperienced temporary worker. Then you will have paid job experience on your resume. Or you may even be able to land a temp-to-hire role, which will turn into a permanent position if you and your employer agree that it’s the right fit.

Work experience can help you get a job, but a lack of it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Focus on your education, ask good questions during the interview process, soft skills, and nontraditional experience, stay motivated, and it shouldn’t take long to land the job you want.

Ready for a new job?

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