Is Working the Third Shift Right for Me?

When looking for a new job, you may not immediately consider the third shift. Sometimes known as the graveyard shift, it runs overnight—often from 11 pm to 7 am or midnight to 8 am. If you are able to switch your sleep schedule, though, the third shift offers quite a few benefits. Here are some reasons that you might want to consider working the graveyard shift.

Time for Family, or Yourself

Most of the world operates during daylight hours. If you work all day, you might have trouble carving out time for family events or even scheduling a haircut. Working overnight frees up your days to get things done, assuming you are able to adapt your sleeping times. For younger workers, this could be an attractive option to make more money.

Pay and Promotions

Most people don’t like to work the third shift, which means the pool of available workers is smaller. Employers often pay a shift differential to convince workers to take that shift. You could make as much as $3 an hour more than you would on the first or second shift, without doing any extra work. And promotions may be easier to come by since you’re competing against fewer people.

Another positive of working the graveyard/3rd shift is you might be able to work jobs that require little or no experience. For employers, filling third-shift open positions is difficult and they may loosen requirements, education or experience thresholds – making it a good place to start if you have no experience.

Quieter Environment

There are exceptions to any rule, but in most cases, the third shift is the quietest. Upper management is generally home in bed instead of walking the floor. Few customers are likely to show up, and company-wide meetings are basically nonexistent. You may even have an easier time making friends with your coworkers since there aren’t as many distractions.

Less Childcare

Childcare costs continue to rise, taking up a significant chunk of many people’s paycheck. If you have a spouse or partner who works days or friends or relatives who don’t mind your kids sleeping over, working the third shift could reduce the amount of childcare you need to pay for. Of course, you’ll need to discuss this with your partner or potential babysitters before you decide.

The third shift isn’t right for everyone, especially if you’re only able to sleep when it’s dark and quiet. But if you’re adaptable, it can offer some tremendous benefits that are often overlooked.


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