Surestaff Named to Top 10 Direct Hire Firms!

Surestaff named one of the top Direct Hire and Search firms in the United States by Manage HR magazine

October 13, 2023, Chicago, IL – Surestaff is excited to announce it has been named one of the Top 10 Direct Hire Firms in the U.S. by ManageHR magazine.

Announced annually, ManageHR’s “top 10” list identifies those firms that are excelling at providing effective and efficient direct hire, search and placement services. The rankings evaluate the use of technology, an effective or unique process, and the quality of the management and operations team; the bottom-line, however, being results. Read the ManageHR article here.

“SURESTAFF, a staffing industry powerhouse, emerges as the much sought-after recruiting partner. Its robust recruiting infrastructure combines AI-based engagement tools, a national recruiting center, and an extensive presence via job boards and social media advertising. It serves the hiring needs of the industrial sector encompassing manufacturing, distribution, food processing, assembly, and logistics.” – ManageHR Magazine

For SURESTAFF, technology is a powerful and proven way to gain a competitive advantage in direct hire recruiting. It leverages technology to effectively source both active and passive candidates, and their team has diversified its services by adding a workforce solutions group and a National Recruiting Center (NRC), endowing it with a world-class Fortune 100 recruiting capability.

“While filling roles, we take into account how much a great hire can boost our clients’ business performance and make a positive difference,” says Tim Faber, CEO of SURESTAFF.

The recruiting process goes beyond just taking client orders for SURESTAFF. It emphasizes building strong relationships with clients by visiting them, understanding their needs, consulting with every client across the United States and guiding them through the hiring process. This consultation allows it to grasp the job requirements, its nuances, and collaborate with clients on crafting job descriptions if needed. Its team also educates them about the hiring process, communication, and expectations to ensure swift and successful placements of qualified candidates.Top Direct Hire Staffing Services Provider

SURESTAFF has operations across 44 branches in several states, including Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Texas. It has recently expanded its presence with an acquisition of Toledo-based, Cardinal Staffing, adding 12 more offices.

At SURESTAFF, the senior recruiters are seasoned staffing experts with industry experience and business insight. Their diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, logistics, and related fields enable a profound understanding of client needs, ensuring candidate selections contribute to client.


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About Surestaff

Founded in 1998, Surestaff has consistently prioritized establishing robust professional networks and fostering community ties. Surestaff’s expertise lies in light-industrial staffing, predominantly serving logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and production sectors.

With a presence of 39 branches and 24 enterprise onsite locations across the U.S., their commitment to quality growth is evident and has garnered recognition. This was highlighted when Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) identified them as one of the nation’s largest staffing agencies. Moreover, Crain’s Business has spotlighted Surestaff five times as one of Chicago’s largest and fastest-growing private agencies. While their operations span states such as Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin, their commitment extends beyond mere business, emphasizing genuine community involvement. Surestaff is a partner company of Austin, TX-based private-equity firm Owner Resource Group (ORG).

About Owner Resource Group (ORG)

Based in Austin, Texas, Owner Resource Group (ORG), is a private equity investment firm dedicated to investing in family-owned and privately-held businesses by forming a true partnership, ensuring the business achieves sustainable growth. ORG’s approach is unique – while the management team remains at the helm, ORG offers guidance, expertise, and resources, without taking day-to-day decision-making control. ORG’s partnerships are built on collaboration and trust, enhancing your business’ value to ensure the company’s legacy and culture thrive beyond the duration of our investment. Co-author your journey with a trusted partner that works for you.

ORG’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and their vision has earned them a spot on Inc. Magazine’s top Founder Friendly Investors list.

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