Tips to Retain Your Top Talent

People leave their jobs for many reasons, from feeling undervalued to conflict with coworkers. In the COVID-19 era, many workers are rethinking what they want to do with their lives, and businesses are at higher risk than ever for losing top talent. Here are a few things you can do to encourage your team members to stay.

Get to Know Them

Your employees are individuals with their own goals, hopes, and fears. Get to know them on a deeper level, and find ways to address their unique needs and concerns. This is especially true when managing veterans.

Create Career Paths

Top employees don’t want to do the same thing over and over for years on end. If you want them to stay, you’ll need to create pathways for them to advance. Offer formal training, integrated learning opportunities, and a focus on promotion from within.

Check In

It’s not enough to meet with your employees once a year or even once a quarter. Stay engaged, proactively starting conversations on a regular basis. Also, send out occasional surveys and polls, which allow you to use data analytics to find patterns. Keep the lines of communication open and encourage employees to talk openly about how they’re feeling.

Build Engagement

Employees who feel valued and engaged at work are more likely to stay. Help them build connections with their teammates, set up an employee recognition system, and go out of your way to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Be Transparent

Employees understand that workplaces change rapidly, especially in the COVID-19 era. But when you don’t proactively address these changes, the rumor mill lights up. Make a commitment to transparency, letting your entire team know what’s going on and what to expect.

Offer Useful Perks

Many employers are now relying on perks to attract and retain top talent. But it’s not enough to just bring in a treadmill or cater lunch. Survey your workers to see what they truly need and want. Stress management programs, recognition, flexible schedules, remote options, and paid leave may just be at the top of their list.


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