How to Get the Most Value out of End-of-Year Reviews

Are you conducting end-of-year performance reviews? Many people dread them, but when done right, they can be incredibly helpful for both you and your employees. Let’s take a look at some best practices to get the most out of your end-of-year reviews.

Space Them Out

Each employee deserves your full attention and thoughtful consideration. But that simply isn’t possible if you’re trying to run through multiple reviews in a single day. Instead, space out your end-of-year reviews through the months of December and January. You’ll be less stressed out and overwhelmed, which will show in your interactions with your team members.

Be Prepared

Even if you have a small team that you work closely with each day, don’t rely on memory alone. Before each review, sit down and go through that employee’s records and project results. Know what they’ve done well and what could use a bit of improvement. Also, take a moment to remind yourself of who they are as a person, which will make it easier to humanize the review process.

Solicit and Act on Feedback

End-of-year reviews aren’t just about analyzing your team members’ actions. This is also the time to ask them for constructive feedback. Encourage honesty, and think carefully about everything they say. Look for ways to implement changes that will be beneficial to your employees and the organization as a whole.

Discuss Career Growth

No one wants to feel like they’re stagnating. End-of-year reviews are a great time to discuss each team member’s professional goals and develop an action plan to help them succeed. Set milestones and arrange future one-on-one check-ins to review progress.

Thank Your Employees

Everyone wants to know that their hard work is appreciated and valued. Take some time to genuinely thank each team member for a job well done. This is also a great opportunity to connect their individual contributions to the organization’s larger successes. This is a great way to create a positive work environment. Discuss some of the big milestones that your company hit in the past year and explain how their work directly contributed to meeting those goals.

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