Risk Management/
Workers Compensation

The Risk Management department handles all incident reporting for SureStaff. Including documenting near misses / minor injuries and all Workers’ Compensation claims. Worker’s compensation provides medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to Sure-Staff employees who are injured or become ill “in the course and scope” of their job.

Employee Responsibilities

Report all incidents and near misses to your immediate supervisor and to your SURESTAFF branch in a timely manner. Delays in reporting can cause complications in the proper handling of the claim and possibly affect treatment / payments, and may even result in the denial of your claim.


If an injury occurs that requires medical treatment:

  • If severe or life threating, dial 911 for immediate medical assistance
  • For all other injuries, immediately notify your supervisor at your job location. They may provide minor first aide or direct you to your SURESTAFF representative.
  • If injury occurred between the hours of 5am and 5pm, You will need to report to your SURESTAFF branch to fill out an incident report, and then the branch will issue a treatment authorization form and direct you to the nearest clinic.
  • If injury occurred outside of SURESTAFF’s office hours, the facility where you are working will direct you to the nearest medical clinic that is open. After medical care is received, you are then expected to contact the nearest SURESTAFF branch, to notify them that an incident occurred.