7 Reasons Why Veterans Make Good Employees

Leadership skills, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic are just a few of the countless qualities that veterans bring to the table.

Those who have served in the military are very adept at overcoming challenges, and their resiliency makes them a great asset to any business.

When a company hires a military veteran they receive benefits such as tax breaks and grants. But, the biggest win is acquiring a motivated and highly skilled candidate who is well-suited for a wide range of positions. In this article, we’ll uncover seven reasons why veterans make standout employees.



Why Veterans Are Good for Your Business


1.   Leadership skills

The military places a strong value on leadership development. There is a defined chain of command, which establishes respect for authority. Service members are taught how to lead by example and motivate others.

Every military member has the opportunity at some point to manage others—making them accustomed to giving and taking orders. Being faced with high-pressure situations forces leaders to be both calm and decisive. Military members also learn how to access scenarios quickly and delegate comfortably.

These leadership skills are very transferable in the civilian workplace. Great leaders can foster a positive culture and positively impact the company.

2.   Work ethic

Being in the military requires a lot of hard work and discipline. Veterans are accustomed to meeting deadlines and following strict protocols. Moreover, they are committed to their duties and take pride in their work.

Veterans’ strong work ethic can also be attributed to the rigor of military training. They are taught to be punctual and dedicated and are more than willing to go the extra mile—positively influencing their fellow employees.

3.   Teamwork

Teamwork and trust are essential to the military culture. Service members train together and carry out their duties collaboratively as a team. This instills trust among one another and they have each other’s backs in all situations.

When in high-tension situations, military personnel know how to alleviate conflicts and disagreements smoothly. Veterans are experienced in working closely with groups of people to achieve a common goal and to complete a task efficiently, which translates quite well in the civilian workplace.

4.   Technical skills

In addition to physical and combat training, military personnel spend hundreds of hours learning about various equipment and technology in the classroom. Within the military, there are a variety of specialized roles that are very similar to civilian jobs.

Thus, many veterans are proficient in professional trades, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing, also known as military occupational skills (MOS) including but not limited to the following:

    • Doctors and nurses
    • Firefighters
    • IT
    • Engineers
    • Human resources
    • Finance
    • Legal services

Veterans bring a wide range of transferable technical skills, including niche training in cybersecurity, for example, that can be of great value to an employer.

5.   Problem-solving abilities

Military personnel are taught how to think quickly on their feet and make crucial decisions while under high stress. Strategic planning and attention to detail are two traits that are instilled in service members—making them a great asset to the business world.

Veterans are also known for having a can-do attitude, and aren’t intimidated by problems or challenges. The Army teaches a 7-step problem-solving process that helps veterans work together as a team to make strategic decisions. This knowledge and training can prove quite valuable among teams in the civilian workplace and helps them with their transition.

6.   Loyalty

In today’s competitive landscape, finding loyal and dedicated employees isn’t easy. Veterans stand out in this area, thanks to the sense of duty instilled in them while in service. They are loyal to the team and the mission, and they put that commitment first.

Veterans will often go above and beyond to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently. They may even happily take on additional responsibilities and are usually willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This sense of loyalty can help instill a culture that fosters employee retention and increases teamwork.

7.   Diversity

Veterans are very accustomed to working in highly diverse environments across race, gender, age, and disability. When deployed, they are exposed to a wide variety of foreign cultures—forcing them to successfully navigate within multinational environments.

Being able to see things from different perspectives can help bridge communication gaps and bring people together. This level of adaptability can be quite beneficial in the business world and help companies gain a competitive edge and support diversity in the workplace.


We’ve just scratched the surface of the many reasons why veterans make good employees. When you combine all of the above attributes that veterans bring to the table, it equates to a strong company culture with defined values and goals and is an increasing trend in hiring as talent pools shrink.

Veterans truly understand what it means to work hard and persevere. Their ability to thrive in high-pressure environments makes them a valuable asset to the business world. When you hire a veteran, the result is a dedicated employee with many sought-after traits and skills.

[1]“The traits they bring in terms of discipline, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and the ability to work under pressure are invaluable. Veterans have a rich set of characteristics that we can tap into and add significant value to the work we bring to our clients.” — Greg Anderson, operating officer for human resources at Accenture and six-year military veteran

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[1] https://www.fastcompany.com/90945922/why-military-veterans-make-standout-employees