Enjoy Working with your Hands? 5 Careers to Consider

A desk job is a goal for many people, but it’s not right for everyone. Do you enjoy working with your hands? If so, there are numerous careers that pay well and provide the opportunity to learn new techniques. Here are five careers that will allow you to keep working with your hands for a lifetime.

Machine Operator

As a machine operator, you’ll be responsible for using different machines to create products. But you will also need to maintain them, as well as perform basic repairs. This can be a great career for those with a strong mechanical aptitude. You can work with a bunch of different machines or gradually specialize in a single type.

Material Handler

If you have a strong back and boundless energy, a material handler might be an excellent fit. You’ll be working with your hands, as well as the rest of your body, all day long. Typical job duties include loading and unloading trucks (aka “lumpers”), opening containers, driving forklifts, and moving items around the warehouse or production floor.

Picker and Packer

Being a picker and packer generally requires less strength than being a material handler, but it’s still a very physical job. You’ll be responsible for managing customer orders as you pick the correct items off the shelves and pack them carefully for shipment. Because you will learn so much about the warehouse in this job, it can also be a great stepping stone to a leadership role. Picking, packing, shipping and receiving are usually considered positions that require no experience and are entry-level for in-demand industries.

Maintenance Mechanic

As a maintenance mechanic, you’ll be responsible for fixing a variety of machinery and equipment. You will work with lots of different tools in your efforts to diagnose and repair problems, which could involve completely disassembling complex machines. Depending on your work location, you might primarily work with very small equipment, or you could be responsible for massive pieces of machinery.

Quality Assurance Inspector

A quality assurance inspector is the last line of defense against sending out defective products. You’ll be responsible for taking random samples of the things your company produces and subjecting them to various tests. Depending on the specific products, testing could involve many different physical, mechanical, or even chemical processes, and you will need to write reports on everything you find. This is a great position if you enjoy working with your hands and your mind in equal measure.

Many of these jobs can be found by working as a temporary employee – here are some job-hunting tips. Often companies provide training or temp-to-perm [temp-to-hire] opportunities that allow you to try before you buy in these new roles. If you are new to temporary staffing and want to know more about how the industry works, take a look at the guide for job seekers.

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