5 Work Related Habits We’re Ditching This Year

In order to grow professionally, it’s essential to evaluate your current working styles. Now is the time to see if there are any habits you should add to your routine, or any you need to work to remove. Here are a few common work habits to ditch this year!

Skipping Lunches or Breaks

When you’re involved in a project, it’s easy to tell yourself to just keep going. But the human body needs fuel, and the human mind needs rest. Unless you’re in the middle of a literal crisis, there are always 15 or 30 minutes to spare (and if these situations are happening regularly, it’s time to change jobs!). Make yourself step away to have some food and clear your head.

Letting the “Sunday Scaries” Ruin Your Weekend

We’ve all done it. You glance at the clock on Sunday afternoon and realize you only have a few hours left of your weekend. The next thing you know, you’re feeling tense and anxious as you think about the week ahead. But why sacrifice your precious weekend hours dreading going back to work? Instead, plan something fun for Monday morning, like stopping by your favorite coffee shop. Your brain will automatically start looking forward to that rather than freaking out about work. Or if you genuinely hate your job, maybe it’s time to find something new.


Everyone has projects they don’t really enjoy. Putting them off can feel great in the moment, but before you know it, you will have to face them—now with a shorter deadline! Instead of pushing back the work you don’t like, try getting it over with quickly. You’ll get the same emotional release of procrastination, but you won’t have to deal with it again later.

Working When Sick

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that there’s nothing heroic about pushing through illness and spreading your germs to your coworkers. If you don’t change any other work habits this year, change this one. When you’re sick, stay home and rest!

Staying in the Wrong Job

Life is too short to spend it miserable, and you really won’t get anywhere in a dead-end job. If you’re not feeling fulfilled at work, now is the time to start looking for something that’s a better fit.

Ready for a new job?

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