What is an Onsite or VOP Staffing Program?

onsite and VOP staffing solutions

What is an Onsite or VOP Staffing Program?

Staffing firms typically provide their services through independent, stand-alone branch offices. For large users, an onsite staffing program is a great solution.

Other than back-office, shared services provided by a corporate headquarters, branch offices provide all the service delivery to their customers – recruiting, account management, payroll, and business development. When a client is large enough, the temp agency will locate (co-locate) a branch office on or at the site of the customer; thus, an “onsite” program.

Onsite staffing solutions

An onsite (or Vendor On Premise, VOP) is a great way to get superior, well-managed staffing services for large or larger users of temporary staffing services. The ability to manage service delivery onsite allows for improved services and benefits for the customer, the staffing firm, and for the employees – allowing the agency to recruit, process, and manage its workforce “on location” and providing significant benefits to the customer and the staffing firm.

As mentioned, for most small to mid-sized customers, their temporary needs are serviced and supplied by a local branch office of the temp agency. As customers are or become larger service delivery becomes more complex and may overwhelm a local branch office.

To understand what onsite program is, it’s important to understand the need.

Why The Need for an Onsite Program?

Many companies with large facilities – manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and logistics – may have thousands of employees and use many more employees for peak or seasonal demands.

An onsite staffing model provides a robust, unified, and holistic workforce strategy—with a personal and expert touch. There’s a team of staffing professionals onsite who manage talent acquisition, employee engagement & retention while measuring the effectiveness and efficiencies of the program – pivoting as the workforce dynamics change.  This team acts as an extension of your HR department to streamline your staffing function.

Having an onsite strategy offers scalability, flexibility, hands-on engagement/management, and risk mitigation.

Benefits of an Onsite or VOP Staffing Program

There are many benefits of having an Onsite or VOP relationship. Most importantly, your internal HR department is allowed to focus on more strategic issues and on the needs of your full-time employees. Additionally, a VOP relationship can make staffing both easier and more cost-efficient by:

  • Lowering labor and HR costs: Provides a team to focus on talent acquisition, engagement & retention with precision focus having the ability & resources to pivot as the workforce needs change and/or fluctuate.
  • Reducing downtime: Handles the scheduling for the temporary workforce to ensure all areas are adequately staffed by proactively building in contingency plans.
  • Scaling the workforce: Evaluates staffing needs to plan for peak and non-peak times, as well as handles all temporary worker reassignments.
  • Reducing time to fill: Recruits new temporary employees continuously on-site to ensure there’s always a pool of candidates ready to work.
  • Improving worker productivity: Deploys qualified temporary workers and ensures their productivity by training that includes hands-on learning & development.
  • Improving process efficiency: Provides detailed staffing analytics reports including quarterly/annual business reviews. Results are utilized to determine the program’s success and/or any required modifications.
  • Ensuring safety: Partners with you to ensure safety is never compromised. Adheres to all OSHA requirements including the temporary worker initiative.   Continuously provides safety education by providing top of mind safety tips and talks.
  • Measurement: A key to workforce management is measuring results and outcomes. An onsite program provides metrics and management dashboard tools for evaluating success.

Many Benefits for Employees Too!

The benefits of an onsite program don’t stop with the customer. Many benefits are derived by the employees and workforce.

  • Improved Communications: On-the-fly changes to policies, procedures, workflow, benefits, shift changes, or work times/days, can be made real-time and in-person – reducing communications lag, inefficiencies, or miscommunications
  • Added Benefits or Services to Employees: Added perks or benefits are much more easily managed and provided onsite versus remotely through a branch. Incentives, promotions, celebrations, referral programs, and bonuses all improve morale and culture and can be easily implemented through onsite programs.
  • Employee Opportunities: Most temps want opportunities to gain new skills and higher wages. Onsite programs allow for new opportunities to be readily available and explored.

The SURESTAFF Onsite Solution

At SURESTAFF, we tailor our onsite solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs.

With our customer-centric approach, we offer the flexibility to deliver high-quality service to companies of all sizes. When we manage your workforce on-site, our team is dedicated to aligning staffing needs and performance with your organization’s business objectives—to provide maximum ROI.

Our onsite staffing services provide the benefits of a large temporary workforce, without the worry of hands-on management. We understand that high-volume staffing presents many challenges including rising costs, personnel shortages, and fluctuating production needs.

With more than 25 years of experience in distribution, logistics, ecommerce and manufacturing our workforce consultants will design a solution that will control costs, maximize flexibility, and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiencies of your workforce strategy without compromising on quality.

Learn more about Surestaff Onsite staffing programs. Get our guide here.



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