What are Light Industrial Jobs?

What are light industrial jobs?

What are Light Industrial Jobs?

If you’re new to the temporary staffing world, you may not be familiar with the term “light industrial”. Light Industrial refers to the sector in the industry that is comprised primarily of blue collar jobs.

Light industrial and office/clerical/administrative are commonly referred to as the “commercial” sector – representing roughly 60% of all jobs in temp employment. Light industrial jobs make-up approximately 60% of the commercial sector. Enough background…. so, what are light industrial jobs specifically.

These jobs are best recognized as blue collar yet often do not require specific certification, extended education, or the operation of complex machinery – though many “LI” jobs can be complex by nature and require a skilled mind and hands.

You can consider these positions as one “industrial”, meaning logistics, transportation, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, shipping and receiving, and packaging; and two, “light”, meaning not handling heavy machinery or in more dangerous positions (such as roofing, marine, or heavy fabrication). They are also often referred to as “clean” industrial and often require no experience or previous training. One of the benefits of these type jobs is that they are often plentiful and over a great opportunity to cross-train and expand your skills.

Typical Light Industrial JobsWhat are light industrial jobs?

  • General labor
  • Picking/packing
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Forklift operations
  • Production
  • Mechanical and electronic assembly
  • Packaging
  • Die making and operations
  • Line operations
  • Quality control

Though there is a gray area between light industrial and skilled trades (heavy industrial), skilled trades (another industry sector) usually requires advanced training or certification – think welding, plumbing, electricians, construction, or advanced machine operation, such as robotics and automated tools… all of which may require training, certification or a trades school diploma.

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