Tired of a Desk Job? Here are 3 Jobs You Might Enjoy

We’re currently living through the Great Resignation, as legions of employees realize that they’re no longer happy at work. If you’re tired of spending your life behind a desk, it might be time to rethink your career altogether. Here are three jobs you may not have considered that will get you out from behind that desk.

Forklift Operator

As the name suggests, forklift operators spend most of their time driving a forklift around a warehouse, moving heavy pallets from one place to another. But that’s not all you’ll do. Depending on where you work, you may also be responsible for scanning items into a computer system, preparing loads for shipment, handling returns, and performing quality control. Many forklift operators find that time passes quickly as they take care of their various duties. This is also a great place to start if you’re thinking of a new career in logistics, assembly, or even packaging engineering.

You’ll need to get certified, but many employers will let you earn your certification on the job. Otherwise, you just need to be over 18 and in reasonably good physical health. You’ll also need to be alcohol and drug-free on the job, since this is considered a safety-critical position.


In a warehouse, pickers pull items from the shelves, while packers load them into shipping containers. However, many warehouses have their employees rotate through both positions. In a smaller location, you even might do all the picking and packing for your shift yourself. This job can be a lot of fun for high-energy people who enjoy being on their feet. You’ll get an order slip, and then locate and retrieve the items. Next, you’ll choose the right container, pack the item in it, and add packing materials such as foam peanuts or bubble wrap before sending it on to be loaded onto a truck.

There are no specific hiring requirements. But it’s important to be good at math and reading, as well as basic computer usage.

Machine Operator

Machine operator is a catchall term for those who operate any type of light industrial machine. Besides running your machine, you’ll most likely be responsible for interpreting job specs, preparing the machine, inserting the proper material, performing quality control, and logging your jobs into a computer system. You may also be responsible for troubleshooting and minor maintenance on your machine.

Machine operator is a skilled trades and safety-critical position. You’ll need to be well-organized, have an aptitude for reading schematics and blueprints, and be comfortable around heavy machinery. You should also be good at observation and multitasking, since you must always be aware of anything that could go wrong. Want to learn more about machine operators?….check out this article.

Getting out of your desk job can be simpler than you think. Any of these three top jobs could be your road to a whole new desk-free future.

Ready for a new job?

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