Temporary Staffing Solutions

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SURESTAFF is Chicagoland’s leader in light industrial staffing.  With 21 branches in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, we specialize in providing the right people at the right time.

SURESTAFF provides temporary staffing solutions while connecting people to job opportunities in their local communities.  We take on the responsibility of managing all of the temporary staff’s employment requirements and needs such as payroll, insurance, support and training.  Retaining us as your preferred staffing agency helps offset your employment costs, while providing you with a high number of quality employees.  We screen and select employees that are qualified and trained to efficiently fulfill your production goals.

We understand that communication and planning are two important factors that lead to successful relationships with employees and clients and we have both in place.  SURESTAFF provides tailored innovative recruiting plans that are designed to meet individual client needs.  We have experts that are highly skilled and dedicated to handle high volume accounts.  We provide reports and accountability in all aspects of the recruiting process.  Our proven high tech systems ensure that efficient and quick communication channels are in place to facilitate the best possible relationships between employees and clients.

SURESTAFF can provide you with a manufacturing staff that is equipped to fulfill the following job functions:

  • General labor/Assembly/Packer/Picker

  • Industrial/Warehouse/Distribution Facility

  • Machine Operator

  • Forklift/Cherry Picker

  • Maintenance

  • Welders

  • Administrative/Clerical/Receptionist/Data Entry

  • Customer Service

  • Accounting

  • CNC Operator

  • Welders

  • Other Skilled Light Industrial

  • Warehouse Supervisor

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