OSHA ETS – Vaccine & Testing Mandates

OSHA ETS Covid-19 Vaccine and Testing mandate

OSHA Announces COVID-19 ETS Mandating Vaccines and Testing

NOTICE: On November 4, 2021, OSHA announced a Covid-19 ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) which may require companies with 100 employees or more to require that all employees be either vaccinated or wear masks and show proof of a negative Covid-19 test weekly. It is expected this mandate will be effective January 4, 2022, and remain in place for as long as 6 months. Many of our customers require vaccinations and this may be increasing. We strongly urge you to get fully vaccinated.OSHA ETS Covid-19 Vaccine and Testing mandate

AVISO: El 4 de noviembre de 2021, OSHA anunció un Covid-19 ETS (Estándar temporal de emergencia) que puede requerir que las empresas con 100 empleados o más requieran que todos los empleados estén vacunados o usen máscaras y muestren una prueba de un examen Covid-19 negativa semanalmente. Se espera que este mandato entre en efectivo el 4 de enero de 2022 y permanezca vigente hasta por 6 meses. Muchos de nuestros clientes requieren vacunas y esto puede estar aumentando. Le recomendamos fuertemente que se vacune por completo.

The OSHA Covid-19 ETS mandate is facing stiff opposition in courts through-out the Country.

While many opponents assert this is government over-reach, others argue the logistics of tracking, vaccination proof, and weekly testing are well beyond most businesses – especially those with multiple locations, highly fluctuating staffing volumes, or those lacking the technical or organizational skills to adhere to the mandate. Regardless, it certainly  brings in the questions as to whether the government or employers should require the vaccine.

We continue to urge our employees to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are safe, have been proven to be effective at stopping the virus and saving lives , and are now available to young adults and children – adding greatly to the protection of families and further stopping the spread.

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