No College Degree? Consider These In Demand Fields

A lot of jobs these days do require at least a four-year college degree. But there are still many great jobs that don’t require one. In fact, employers may be desperately looking for new talent! If you don’t have a degree and you’re looking for a good paycheck and job security, consider one of these fields.


Warehouses are a key part of the global supply chain. And the future looks bright as more people than ever before order goods for home delivery. Warehouse jobs can be a great choice for those who enjoy physical work and don’t want to be stuck doing the same thing all day. You might rotate through many different positions, from pulling orders to packing items in boxes to loading trucks for shipping. It’s relatively easy to work your way up to a supervisory position. Meanwhile, you’ll learn skills that can transfer into a wide range of future careers.

General Labor

General labor can be a great way to get started in industries such as construction or landscaping. No experience is required, just good physical stamina and the desire to work hard and learn on the job. You might find yourself controlling traffic at a road construction site, assisting a carpenter, or loading and delivering materials to a building site. General laborers are in high demand, and you can easily pick up the skills you need to move up in your chosen trade.

Machine Operator

As the name implies, machine operators are responsible for running heavy machinery, typically in a manufacturing environment. But there’s a lot more to the job than simply turning the machine on and off. You’ll be responsible for interpreting job specs, preparing raw materials, and even performing minor maintenance on the machine. You will inspect the final product for quality control and log jobs in your worksite’s system. This can be a fun job for those who are a bit technically minded. It also teaches a variety of skills that could be useful in the future. Manufacturing remains a high-demand field, and machine operators are essential.

If you don’t have a college degree, there is no reason you have to get stuck in a dead-end, low-paying job. In 2021, we began seeing a trend shift towards these rewarding career paths. These high-demand positions have a low bar to entry, pay well, and can help you start on the road to a satisfying career.

The recent, dramatic increase in wages has made many skilled and semi-skilled jobs very attractive. If you don’t have a degree – no sweat. There are plenty of careers available. Take a look at these jobs here.

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