Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

The new year is a time for reflection and goal-setting. If you’re not happy, this is a great time to make a change. But if the problem is work, you’ll need to figure out whether you just need to make some adjustments or if it’s time for a new job altogether. Here are some sure signs that now is the time to start job hunting.


Physical or Psychological Issues

Did you know that work stress can actually make you physically ill? From headaches or stomach problems to cardiovascular issues and a higher risk of heart attack or stroke, if your job is making you literally sick, it’s time to move on.

Work stress can also manifest psychologically. Are you cranky and irritable? Are you taking it out on your family? Have you started drinking too much or developed an unhealthy addiction to gambling or shopping? Do you dread mornings and count down the hours until you can go home? You may be better off finding a new job.


Impossible Demands

Is your workload becoming unmanageable? Are you always having to go in early and stay late to get it all done? Are you being taken off of projects you enjoy and/or forced to take on work that is outside your job description? Is your boss micromanaging you or making you document every move you make? Do you feel unsupported and unable to speak up? If the demands of the job are growing to an unsustainable level, consider looking for something new.


Lack of Growth Opportunities

Do you feel like you’ve learned all you can? Are you consistently bored at work? Are you having trouble finding mentors or opportunities to gain new skills? Does it seem like you know more than your boss? Are you feeling stuck? It might be time to move to a new position with better opportunities.


Company Problems

Is the company struggling? Have you heard rumors of upcoming layoffs? Did you suddenly receive your first poor performance review? Is there a negative or fearful attitude running through the office? If you sense that the company may start getting rid of people, you may be better off making a move before you have to compete with everyone else for the same open positions.


Personal Issues

Is your commute too long? Are you feeling underpaid or underappreciated? Do you feel like you don’t fit in with your coworkers? Are you out of the loop at work? Is your job affecting your personal relationships? It could be that the job is no longer the right fit for you.

Everyone feels out of step at work now and then. If you’re miserable more often than not, though, it may be time to move on. Start taking proactive steps to find a new job as soon as possible.


Ready to move on?

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