How to Motivate Your Team This Year

The year 2020 was demoralizing for everyone. Whether you had to impose layoffs or were busier than ever, your team members are likely exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious about the future. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to boost employee motivation in the new year.

Pay Fairly

Employees are going through a lot right now, between concerns about getting sick, caring for family members, and trying to maintain all relevant protocols such as masking up and social distancing. They’re also likely worried about the worsening economic crisis. Make things as smooth as possible for them by setting salaries that are fair and consistent within your industry and location.

Encourage Positivity

From the look and feel of the worksite to the attitude you present, there’s a lot you can do to encourage a positive outlook. Spruce up your location, project happiness, and encourage honest feedback. When people feel that they are heard and understood, they will be more inclined to stay positive and work hard.

Promote Collaboration

Whether your employees are working onsite or remotely, they need to feel like they are part of a team. Find ways to build cross-departmental teams and provide the tools they need for successful collaboration. They’ll feel more loyal and more motivated to avoid letting down their team.

Minimize Meetings

Inexperienced or insecure managers tend to fall back on meetings as a default way of bringing people together. But unnecessary or ineffectual meetings can be demoralizing, especially if they’re conducted virtually. Think outside the box, give your employees alternative ways to collaborate (perhaps through an online app), and make sure every meeting has a strong agenda.

Set Goals and Celebrate Accomplishments

Make sure everyone is on the same page by setting goals on companywide, departmental, and team levels. Clearly communicate these goals, as well as interim milestones, and then celebrate successes. You may want to use small rewards, such as gift cards or an extra afternoon off, as incentives. Employee appreciation is, well, appreciated.

Get Out of the Way

Micromanaging your employees can demoralize them faster than almost anything else. Empower team members to make decisions. Clarify which situations they need to check with you before proceeding, and then let them figure out how to get things done. Keep the lines of communication open and encourage them to ask questions, but otherwise trust them to do the right thing.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Stagnation can be demoralizing, so make sure your team members always have the opportunity to learn and grow. Offer classes to teach new skills. Provide cross-training in different departments. Make resources available regarding new advances in your industry.

Employee motivation can be tough under the best of circumstances, and 2020 was anything but. For the new year, follow these tips to help boost your employees’ motivation.

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