10 Things Management Should Refrain from Doing in the Workplace

Management is not only there to double-check numbers and keep the team productive. It’s also the managers’ job to set a proper example of employee expectations. If you’re trying to be the best manager possible, you should definitely avoid doing any of these things in the workplace. In other words, a really good “don’t do this” list.

Getting Involved in Office Drama

You’re only human, and sometimes the gossip is really juicy. But you need to check yourself. You have a responsibility to everyone on the team, and getting involved in the drama virtually guarantees that you’ll end up treating someone unfairly. Besides, as a manager, it’s your job to mediate conflicts, not make them worse.

Ignoring Employee Feedback

No matter how hands-on your management style is, you have responsibilities that regularly take you off the floor. Your employees are there day in and day out. If they tell you something isn’t working well, or offer ideas for growth and development, it’s important to take them seriously and work together on solutions. One-on-one meetings combined with listening to their feedback is invaluable.

Working Crazy Hours

If you’re a new manager, you might feel like you need to prove yourself. But working crazy hours yourself sets an impossible standard for your employees. Take a deep breath and go home at the end of the day, and encourage everyone on your team to do the same.

Mismatching Words and Actions

Too often, managers play the “do as I say, not as I do” game. Never tell someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Set a good example by always aligning your words with your actions.

Playing Favorites

People have different personalities, and you will mesh better with some employees than others. But that is no excuse for being unfair. Make sure you spread projects and duties around, while holding everyone to the same standard.

Being Rigid

Your employees are individual human beings, and nothing is certain in life or business but change. Good managers are flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

Distancing from the Team

Many new managers, and some seasoned ones, have this problem. Yes, you’re in charge. But that doesn’t mean you should be aloof. Get to know your team members in a professional but friendly way.

Acting Short-Sighted

In the beginning, you’ll want to go for the easy wins. But don’t stop there. Part of being a great manager is being able to set short-term goals that ultimately support the long-term vision.

Taking People for Granted

You probably have a few reliable workhorses on your team. You know you can count on them to get things done. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore them. Employees who feel taken for granted tend to be less loyal and more likely to leave for greener pastures.

Not Managing up

Great managers don’t just manage their team members. They also actively work to influence their own higher-ups. Don’t be afraid to fight for your team.

Managing isn’t easy, but avoiding these common mistakes can help you take your management skills to the next level and avoid losing or pushing your employees away.

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