Long-Term Assembly Jobs in Manufacturing

Long-Term Assembly Jobs in Manufacturing with SURESTAFF

What is it like to work as a manufacturing assembly associate in a long-term temporary job opportunity?

Long-term temporary job opportunities in manufacturing have become the stepping stone to a long-term career.  Long-term temporary is defined as working a term longer than one month’s duration either full-time or part-time.  These type of job opportunities help facilitate a transition to a temp to hire scenario where employees and employers build trust through long-term success in a job opportunity.  SURESTAFF offers numerous long-term manufacturing assembly opportunities with successful clients that empower individuals to maximize their skills and carve out a successful career path in the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing assembly process is gradually being transformed with new technological innovations that transverse across the manufacturing industry.  This technological evolution in manufacturing is helping to create lucrative job opportunities for individuals seeking to build a career utilizing minimal skills in light industrial assembly.  New technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity has resulted in decreased downtime and increased safety and productivity for the manufacturing and assembly associate.   IoT technologies allow physical objects to be retrofitted with networks of sensors that create computerized functions through wireless connectivity.  Assemblers have an important role in the manufacturing process.  The new tech allows assembly associates to become specialized in positions that require attention to detail and a basic knowledge of manufacturing processes.  The main function of assemblers is to assemble, as the job title implies, both finished products and the pieces that go into them. The products encompass a full range of manufactured goods, such as household appliances, electronic products, and other consumer goods.  Manufacturing assemblers may stack, pack, count, and label completed parts that are ready for distribution.

What are the job roles associated with manufacturing assembly associates?  

Basic roles include assembling, machine operating, material handling, and inspecting functions.  Perform pre-assembly set-up and functions as required. Maintain work area and equipment by proper cleaning and organizing.  Ensure product and process quality through appropriate inspection and packing process. Maintain efficiency and follow safety protocols at all times.

What are the requirements for becoming a manufacturing assembly center associate?

Assembly associates typically require training in the basic assembly steps and functions of the products they will be creating.  The employer will provide access to the training.  The ideal candidate should have previous experience in a manufacturing, production, or warehouse environment.  Previous assembly, production, machine operator, or injection molding experience a plus.  High attention to detail and safety compliance is required.

What is the average salary?

According to Indeed.com the average hourly wage for manufacturing assemblers is $13.25/hr.  This translates into a yearly salary of $28,080 for a minimum of 8 hours of work day.  Warehouse jobs in Chicago, for example, have a higher average pay rate because cost of living is higher than surrounding suburbs such as East Dundee, Huntley, and DeKalb.

How is performance measured?

A warehouse manager will set specific and personal KPIs (key performance indicators) that will measure job performance such as the number of items assembled per man/woman per hour, replenishment orders per man/woman per hour.  Volume received per man/woman per hour.  Time taken to assemble each order/goods/inventory or cycle time.  The percentage and the cost of goods assembled per line.  These metrics are usually tracked in real time using an inventory control system so managers are able to access employee and team performance quickly.  Other performance measures include adherence to safety standards, attendance, and willingness to work as a team.

Career path/growth opportunities within light industrial, manufacturing and warehouse and distribution centers?

Entry level positions can be a path to growth and new career opportunities.  Training and certifications through entry-level positions can lead to a managerial role.  Quality control assembly associates is one such entry level opportunity  that can transform into a bigger role within a manufacturing facility.  Quality control associates work to ensure that products assembled meet or exceed standards.  Associates follow as set protocol of acceptable standards that ensures that the products produced are functioning and compliant.

Certifications may help propel an entry level associate to a warehouse managerial position.  The Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA) located in Elgin, IL, offers certification in the assembly profession and can help demonstrate competence and professionalism on the path to a career advancement.  However, certifications are not required to have a successful career as a manufacturing assembly associate.   Certification accreditation requires a combination of a written exam and a practical test.  Many employers provide these certification programs regularly and it helps to inquire about the possibilities.

Job trends 2021 outlook

According to hiringlab.org, most labor market measures are more than halfway back to pre-pandemic levels.  America still faces a long road back to economic recovery despite the strong rebound. The coronavirus recession was different from other downturns, with service jobs suffering most and much of the job loss temporary.  The rebound of the 2021 labor market depends on the path of the virus, politics and policy in the new administration.

How to find warehouse jobs and what you will need to be become a warehouse and distribution center associate

  • Previous warehouse experience and/or training preferred.
  • High attention to detail and safety/compliance.
  • Demonstrate good communication skills, problem-solving skills, and sound judgement.
  • Ability to work overtime as needed.

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