How to Leave the Stress of the Job at Your Place of Work

Work can be stressful! But taking that stress home with you will only burden yourself & those around you. Fortunately, there is help. Below, we’ll break down our best tips to help you leave the stress of work, at work!

Write a To-Do List

In the last 15 minutes or so of your workday, resist the temptation to start something new. Instead, use this time to review your schedule for the next day and create a to-do list. You’ll feel much less tied to work if you know that you have written everything down and prioritized each task.

Take Advantage of Your Commute

If you’re working onsite, take advantage of your commute rather than being frustrated by it. On the way home, play your favorite music, listen to an audiobook, or simply take some time to relax and breathe. This is your opportunity to unwind, decompress, and get rid of stress before entering your home.

If you’re remote, walk away from your computer. Consider going for a short stroll or just spending a few minutes alone in another room to simulate that commute time.

Make Time for Fun

You’re less likely to prioritize things that aren’t on your calendar. So block out time in your schedule to have fun throughout the week. You’ll dread Monday morning far less if you know that you’re going to a concert or holding a family game night, or playing tennis that evening. And having activities already scheduled makes it easier to say no to overtime.

Enforce the End of the Day

In recent years, the lines between work time and off time have gotten blurred, leading to more stress. Talk to your boss about leaving work behind at the end of the day. Set an expectation that unless you’re specifically on call (and being paid for it!), you won’t answer emails or phone calls or work on projects after hours. Then follow up by putting your phone away and resisting the urge to log into work on your laptop or tablet.

Ready for a new job?

Of course, not all employers are willing to promote a healthy work-life balance. If you think a new job may be what you really need, start your search with the SURESTAFF team! We can help you find a light industrial position in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin.