Preparing Your 2023 Hiring Plans

As we look ahead to 2023, it’s time to start preparing your hiring plans & evaluating your hiring needs.

Is your business in desperate need of new employees? Maybe you’re not sure if contract workers would be better. Let’s take a look at some trends to think about as you put together your hiring plans for 2023.

Remote Recruitment

Covid-19 radically reshaped how we think of work, and many employees have no interest in going back to the office. If you want to bring on the best talent, you’ll need to offer some type of fully-remote or hybrid option whenever possible. This means that your hiring plans should include both remote recruitment and virtual onboarding.

Automation ToolsHiring planning and tips for 2023

It’s a job hunter’s market, and candidates aren’t interested in a long, drawn-out hiring process. Fortunately, there are now numerous HR automation tools on the market. The smart use of technology can help you streamline the process while keeping potential new hires more engaged. Just remember that automation is no substitute for the human touch.

Use technology to keep things moving, but remember to reach out personally to candidates whenever you can, and make the hiring process quick. “Speed to hire” is important. Good candidates don’t last long on the market and a long, drawn-out interview process can turn candidates away. Here are some more tips to streamline your hiring process.

Employer Branding

Now more than ever before, people want to join a corporate culture that mirrors their values. Build an employer brand that is rooted in authenticity, trust, diversity, and inclusion. Make sure every decision you make, from the job descriptions you write to the benefits you offer, diversification and inclusion values and culture, reflects your core company values.

Niche-Based Recruitment

So many roles today are highly niche-based, such as light industrial positions that require certain certifications. This means you’ll need to understand the details of each niche. You need to know where to find talent that fits the role and how to assess specific skill sets. Surprisingly, even positions that might seem mundane can be highly targeted to attract and retain – logistics, manufacturing talent, forklift operators, machine operators, CAD, finance and accounting, onsite managers, warehouse automation, etc. can all be niche focuses for recruiting. If you have large-scale hiring needs, consider using an onsite program. Many staffing firms that offer onsite programs have built-in and well vetted (and proven) processes for hiring workers.

Multiple Sourcing Solutions

It’s not enough to simply post a job description and wait for people to apply. In fact, we argue the days of “posting a job on Indeed” and waiting for candidates is over – at least in today’s job market. Effective hiring requires planning and a process.

In today’s tight labor market, your hiring plans need to include a variety of candidate-sourcing solutions. Get to know each potential source, including how best to promote your organization to the candidates you will find there – especially if you are outsourcing your direct hire recruiting.

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It’s important to view recruiting as a system – the more sourcing tools you have the better – job boards, community outreach, social media recruiting, referral programs, colleges and trade schools all can be great candidate sourcing portals. The best candidates are often passive (not currently looking for a job) – especially for direct hire positions. You have to go to them.

It’s never easy to make hiring plans, but they are absolutely vital in today’s labor market and help you avoid many of the real costs of hiring – direct and indirect. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or bogged down, lean on the experts at SURESTAFF. We have the resources you need to successfully fill your open positions.

Ready to hire?

As you prepare, consider a consultation with SURESTAFF. We’re here and ready to help you meet your hiring plans in 2023 and for many years to come! Trying to scale up your team? Turn to SURESTAFF today!