5 Tips for Recruiting Veterans

Recruiting vets

Recruiting veterans can be a rewarding undertaking for any organization. Veterans have the ability to enhance your operation in many ways—from improving company culture and leadership to boosting employee morale. Ex-service personnel also bring a multitude of transferable skills to the table, are well-adept in handling challenges, and are widely known for their strong level of commitment.

Creating a solid strategy for hiring and retaining veterans is key, but the first step is understanding “how” to recruit them. Continue reading to learn how to improve your success rate in attracting veterans.

How to attract veteran candidates

Successful veteran hires begins with ensuring your business is perceived as a great place to work. Having a strong brand and mission goes a long way, and can really make an impact with former servicemen and women.

The following are five best practices for recruiting veterans:

1.    Start with the why

Recruiting is quite similar to sales. Although you’re not selling a tangible product, you are selling your company’s vision and why you do what you do. Veterans are mission-driven and want to know that their work serves a purpose.

Pro tip: When it comes to job postings, use verbiage that resonates with a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Veterans will be more attracted to your organization if you communicate your “why.” Be sure to clearly articulate the mission and purpose of your company.

2.    Engage with vets in your community

Do your homework. Get involved with veterans locally to obtain a better pulse on what types of jobs they’re seeking and what their career aspirations are. Consider volunteering at a VA facility or donating to a charity that supports veterans. Participating in veteran job fairs and local events is also a great way to establish a presence in the community and share that you’re dedicated to hiring vets.

3.    Be public about veteran employment opportunities

In addition to being visible in the community, be sure to announce that you’re hiring veterans publicly. This could include posting on social media, websites, and veteran job boards. If you have the budget, incorporating targeted advertising into your online marketing strategy can also go a long way in reaching your desired audience.

Pro tip: Consider creating a separate landing page on your website dedicated to veteran recruitment. Include information on military-friendly benefits, career advancement opportunities, and employee and/or veteran resource groups.

4.    Establish partnerships with veteran nonprofits

This is a great way for your organization to give back to veterans and military families. When a veteran sees that your company is actively supporting the veteran community, they may be more likely to apply.

One popular program is Hiring Our Heroes supported by the U.S. Chamber Foundation. The foundation creates employment opportunities for transitioning service members, veterans, and their spouses. They host hiring events, upskilling opportunities, and fellowships designed to nurture a pipeline of military-connected talent.

5.    Establish a veteran recruitment team

Recruiting veterans requires a different strategy and approach from standard recruitment. The companies that have had the best success in hiring veterans have assembled departments solely dedicated to veteran recruitment.

In fact, the companies with a dedicated veteran recruiter(s) or team are the ones that made Military.com’s list of 2024 Top Veteran Employers.

Recruiting veterans

Hire a vet, improve your Company and Culture

For your organization to be considered a veteran employer of choice, you must be fully committed to the initiative. Effectively recruiting veterans not only means investing time and resources but also walking the talk.

Companies such as Milliman, a worldwide provider of actuarial and related products and services, have found success by giving veterans time to “try on” the company. Providing this adjustment period has given them the designation of a military-friendly employer and their retention rates have consistently been 80% or higher for veterans.

SURESTAFF is a part of the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium (IHHC), a group of Illinois employers who recognize the great value veterans bring to the workplace and operationalize the term “veteran-friendly” by committing to implement military veteran recruitment, training, and retention practices.

We are committed to providing employment opportunities to US veterans throughout the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana areas. To find employment opportunities visit our website. For effective ways to hire and manage veterans, read this article.


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