What is a Lumper Job?

Lumper Job

What is a Lumper Job?

Lumper refers to those employees who load and unload – typically in and out of box trucks or semi-trailers. Loading and unloading can be done by hand, with a variety of forklifts, and with hand trucks.

Lumper jobs are most common at warehouse, distribution, and cold storage locations where products, supplies, and supply chain items are delivered to a manufacturer or distribution center. At distribution centers products are organized for distribution or sales centers. For instance, a large retailer may have distribution centers where suppliers ship their products. These products are then organized for end-use delivery. A substantial amount of unloading (then loading) is required.

Find lumping jobs hereHint – search for warehouse, loading, unloading, shipping, receiving, or forklift.

Lumper Job DescriptionWarehouse Lumper unloading a truck

Lumpers are a key piece of the supply chain. Without their ability to move products, the logistics chain would come to a standstill. What are typical responsibilities for lumper jobs?

  • The ability to lift boxes or products – typically no more than 50 pounds
  • Experience with hand trucks
  • Experience, working knowledge, and in some cases, certification, of specific brands/types of forklifts – to include stand-up, sit down, cherry picker, etc.
  • Working knowledge of safety procedures
  • Working knowledge of mathematics and arithmetic
  • Basic understanding of automation and inventory management equipment
  • Basic understanding of warehouse management, storage, and supply chain best practices

Where to Find Lumper Jobs

Loading and unloading jobs are common in distribution centers, logistics companies, manufacturers, packaging, and productions. Products come into the facility and are organized for re-distribution or ingredients or parts are delivered to make the final product.

Staffing companies are a great place to find these jobs. Many of these positions are temporary or seasonal. In many cases, staffing firm customers use the temp agency to find, screen and place employees for either temp or permanent positions.

SURESTAFF is a great place to start. We specialize in light industrial positions – many of which are with customers in the logistics, warehouse, distribution, and production industries.