Embracing the Learning Curve: What to Do When Unqualified for a Position

It’s okay to not get hired for a job after an interview. Maybe you don’t currently possess the right skills or experience for the role. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dreams altogether. Take a few days to get over the disappointment, and then start proactively improving your skills. Here are a few suggestions.

Get an Online Certification

You can find online courses in nearly anything these days. Do a quick Google search to see what’s available. Some classes are free, while others charge a fee. Make sure you check user reviews before putting out any money, but an online certification may be just what you need to take your job hunt to the next level.

Start with a Part-Time or Internship Position

You might have better luck landing a part-time role. Some employers are hesitant to take on a new full-time employee who lacks important skills, but may be willing to let part-time workers learn on the job. Alternatively, an internship is an excellent way to learn what you need to know. Just be aware that these roles may pay significantly less than you expect.

A third option could be a temp-to-hire contract. Many companies are flexible with requirements for temporary workers, since it’s a short commitment. But temp-to-hire gives you the chance to prove yourself on the job. If both you and your employer are satisfied, you can transition into a full-time position at the end of the contract.

Take a Similar Role

Finally, consider getting your foot in the door with a similar role that has lower requirements. Maybe you could be an assistant or a general laborer for a while, until you develop the skills you need for the position you really want. A lot of businesses hire from within, giving you the opportunity to build a stable career. Even if you don’t end up staying with the same company long-term, the experience you gain will easily transfer to many different light industrial positions.

Ready for a new job?

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