Strategic Approaches to Sustain Employee Motivation During the Summer

The summer slump is a very real phenomenon that can tank your company’s productivity during the hotter months. But there are active steps you can take to create a more summer-friendly atmosphere that keeps employee motivation high. Here are a few suggestions.

Transform the Workspace

Your team members probably wish they were outdoors having fun instead of stuck inside all day. So bring the outside in with a few plants, twinkling lights, and other easy décor items. Consider relaxing your dress code as well to reflect a more casual summer vibe. Likewise, take the team to the outdoors. Tables, outdoor living and working spaces, umbrellas all help getting folks outside.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

If you’re able, consider offering four-day work weeks, Friday afternoons off, “summer hours”, or some other flexible scheduling arrangement for the summer. This can be a particularly nice option for seasonal businesses that experience a midyear slowdown. It can also go a long way toward boosting employee motivation by giving workers more time to get out and enjoy the weather.

Schedule Team-Building

Nearly all organizations could benefit from some additional team-building activities, and summer is the perfect time for them. Company picnics, TopGolf, outdoors yoga and stretching, afternoon and morning department walks, after-work sports leagues, or even out of town retreats can help bring people closer together. You might even consider inviting immediate family members to further strengthen bonds.

Focus on Summer-Long Goals

It’s always easier to stay motivated when you’re working toward a short-term, achievable goal. Summertime can be an opportunity to get that mi-sized project done that has been sitting on the back burner. Set team-based targets and consider a friendly competition. You can also help each worker set personal summer goals as well, and incentivize them whenever they hit a milestone.

Encourage employees to set specific, achievable summer goals. Whether work-related or personal, having targets can help maintain focus and dedication during the season. Offer incentives for reaching these goals to further build employee motivation.

Implement Wellness Initiatives

Summer is the perfect time to promote mental and physical health. Partner with a local gym to offer discounted memberships. Hire a yoga instructor for weekly onsite classes. Host a walk-a-thon to raise money for a local charity. Exactly what you do isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you’re highlighting wellness.

Provide Opportunities for Summer Learning

Organize workshops , cross training, or certification training classes. Invite employees to teach classes on something they’re an expert in. Or simply open up new mentorship or job shadowing programs. Learning something new will keep employee motivation high while also helping your workers expand their skills and knowledge.


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