SURESTAFF as Your First Choice in Staffing

SURESTAFF Inc 18 Chicagoland Locations

Four Reasons to Consider SURESTAFF as Your First Choice in Staffing

SURESTAFF has the Right People at the Right Time! Chicagoland’s Leader in Light Industrial Staffing.  With 18 Locations.

Reason Number One as to why you should consider SURESTAFF as the premier staffing agency of choice is that we have been in business for over 20 years! SURESTAFF is a privately-owned full-service staffing firm founded in 1998.  We have experience and a track record of success! “We have worked hard for 2 decades to earn the respect of our clients and candidates,” (Fessler, Meg).

Reason Number Two is that we have 18 Illinois branches where we can recruit more candidates for our clients! SURESTAFF has a wide reach in the staffing industry.  We have a well-established Chicagoland presence.  In addition, we work hard to create brand awareness not only with our physical locations, but with our online presence as well.  SURESTAFF has a full digital marketing department with a diverse digital marketing reach that includes a website that is optimized and geared towards engaging with candidates.  This includes our pop-up form designed to be user friendly making it easier to reach us.  We are utilizing email campaigns and diverse social media platforms to reach out and engage with potential applicants.

Reason Number Three is that we are innovative and can help streamline your hiring process.  Not only are we innovative through our digital marketing efforts, we are also implementing innovative recruiting plans that are tailored to each of our client’s needs.  We have experts that are highly skilled and dedicated to handle high volume accounts.  We provide reports and accountability in all aspects of the recruiting process.

Reason Number Four is that we work together with our internal staff to utilize our experience and resources to carefully select candidates for each opening.  We provide support in risk management, safety, legal and human resources.  SURESTAFF has the complete resources for all of your staffing needs.

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