Surestaff, LLC Announces Acquisition of Cardinal Staffing

Surestaff temp agency acquires Cardinal staffing

Surestaff, LLC Acquires Toledo-based Cardinal Staffing

Chicago, September 25, 2023 – Surestaff, LLC, based in Chicago, has formally announced its acquisition of Cardinal Staffing. This strategic investment broadens Surestaff’s service reach while strengthening their position as one of the largest light-industrial staffing firms in the United States and Midwest region.Cardinal Staffing temp agency

Joni and Tom Fought set out with a vision when establishing Cardinal Staffing in 1994: to serve the communities of northern Ohio and southern Michigan with integrity and dedication. Their diverse suite of services, which include light-industrial, office and clerical, professional talent, and direct hire, has made a meaningful impact on thousands of job seekers and hundreds of client companies.

Cardinal COO Joe Young, SVP of Sales Rhonda Clemons, and VP of Operations and Business Development Christina Ice will remain with the Company to further expand and drive growth at Cardinal.

Vice President Christina Ice shared her thoughts: “Today marks a significant milestone for both our teams. As we look to the future, our combined efforts with Surestaff promise even more opportunities for the people and businesses we serve.”

Rhonda Clemons, SVP of Sales, commented, “Joining hands with Surestaff and ORG isn’t just a strategic move—it’s about pooling our resources, expertise, and shared values. This partnership elevates our services through next-level marketing, technology, risk management, and workforce solutions programs.”

Tim Faber, Surestaff’s CEO, added, “The diligence and dedication of the Cardinal team, spearheaded by Joni and Tom, have crafted an impressive legacy in the staffing industry. It’s been genuinely inspiring to connect with the Cardinal team, and we’re eager to collectively explore the road ahead.”

About Surestaff

Shannon Horton and Tim Faber (Surestaff), Joe Young (Cardinal), Mike Reyes (Surestaff), Christina Ice and Rhonda Clemons (Cardinal)

Founded in 1998, Surestaff has consistently prioritized establishing robust professional networks and fostering community ties. Surestaff’s expertise lies in light-industrial staffing, predominantly serving logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and production sectors.

With a presence of 39 branches across the U.S., their commitment to quality growth is evident and has garnered recognition. This was highlighted when Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) identified them as one of the nation’s largest staffing agencies. Moreover, Crain’s Business has spotlighted Surestaff five times as one of Chicago’s largest and fastest-growing private agencies. While their operations span states such as Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin, their commitment extends beyond mere business, emphasizing genuine community involvement. Surestaff is a partner company of Austin, TX-based private-equity firm Owner Resource Group (ORG).

About Owner Resource Group (ORG)

Based in Austin, Texas, Owner Resource Group (ORG), is a private equity investment firm dedicated to investing in family-owned and privately-held businesses by forming a true partnership, ensuring the business achieves sustainable growth. ORG’s approach is unique – while the management team remains at the helm, ORG offers guidance, expertise, and resources, without taking day-to-day decision-making control. ORG’s partnerships are built on collaboration and trust, enhancing your business’ value to ensure the company’s legacy and culture thrive beyond the duration of our investment. Co-author your journey with a trusted partner that works for you.

ORG’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and their vision has earned them a spot on Inc. Magazine’s top Founder Friendly Investors list.
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