SURESTAFF is Chicagoland’s leader in light industrial staffing.  With 18 branch locations, we connect communities to job opportunities. 

SURESTAFF offers seasonal, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct-hire and skilled staffing opportunities throughout the Chicagoland area.  We also offer onsite staffing solutions.  SURESTAFF provides direct deposit, overtime opportunities and transportation to a job site.  Once hired on as a permanent employee, additional benefits are offered to candidates.

SURESTAFF is uniquely qualified to fulfill our customers’ staffing needs.  We work to efficiently manage all employee related functions, help increase staffing efficiency and work towards achieving overall work safety.  We understand staffing and its inherent challenges.  One of these challenges is managing injury risk on site.  Risk management in the light industrial staffing industry involves having a clear understanding of what that risk entails and how it fits with the overall strategy for a particular customer.  We work together with our staff and customers to effectively manage this risk and design a tailored plan that involves not only managing the risk, but also educating, preventing and controlling risk factors. 

SURESTAFF provides the staff, however, the customer is responsible for onsite staff supervision and therefore, we work closely with onsite supervisors to implement risk management strategies.  We also understand that safety education, training and risk prevention is an ongoing process. 

In order to minimize risk and work towards preventing this risk, SURESTAFF incorporates the following best practices:

  • Planning
  • Screening
  • Education
  • Focusing on prevention and safety procedures and protocols
  • Building a safety-minded cultural structure
  • Taking active ownership of risk management
  • Putting in place control strategies in case of an injury
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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