How to Find & Retain Quality Staff

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How to find and retain quality candidates in the light industrial staffing sector

One of the biggest challenge in the light industrial staffing industry is finding and retaining quality staff.  In fact, this challenge can be found across almost every industry! What constitutes a good quality employee is a matter of subjective opinion and it should take in consideration the requirements of a certain position.  Here is our take on how to find and retain quality employees:

  • Consider the journey a potential employee takes as he/she seeks out new opportunities.  Find ways to personally engage with each individual throughout each stop or point on his/her journey.  Providing timely information that addresses individual needs and/or problems is essential in the exchange between job seekers and potential employees.
  • Create relevant content that is inspiring as candidates seek new employment opportunities.  It’s sometimes a long and lonely journey to finding the right employment opportunity.  Standing out and attracting a pool of quality candidates for a single position is the key.
  • Create job posts that are detailed and describe the qualities of the candidate(s) desired.  Quality expectations must be clearly defined and understood.
  • Create a complete screening process that takes the time to interview and screen candidates through a comprehensive strategy.
  • Attracting and retaining quality candidates is also a reflection of the culture of an organization and its employees.  Providing opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment will inspire candidates to do their best and will result in more self-efficacy.  Have employee appreciation programs that count. The company culture and organizational aspirations, it’s ethos, will inevitably trickle to its employees.  Being inspired to do and be the best is the goal! Every human being is capable of cultivating quality in his/her work.

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