How to Write a Resume for the Production Industry

All resumes have the same basic goal: to show an employer why you’re the right person for the job. But not all jobs are the same, and neither are all resumes. In the production industry, employers need team members with hands-on skills and experience, so your resume needs to put those factors front and center. Here are some tips for writing a production industry resume.

Highlight Your Skills

You have just seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention, so start with the most relevant information. For a production industry resume, that will be what you can actually do. Add a skills section to the top of your resume with either a bullet list or a series of short sentences. Be sure to refine this section a bit for each employer. For instance, if you are a machine operator, describe the machines, brands, functions, training, certifications, and any cross-training.

Show Your Experience

The next section should back up your skills with work experience. As much as possible, stick to jobs related to the one for which you’re applying. If you are new to the workforce, choose jobs that demonstrate your versatility.

For each position, focus on your accomplishments. Don’t just say, “Made widgets.” Instead, say, “Operated and maintained X machine to create X number of widgets per day. Also performed quality control.” Also, note any commendations you got from your supervisor or customers and any specialized skills you gained. It’s important in production jobs that you show potential employers “what you can do”.

Education and Certifications

In this section, quickly list the highest level of education you attained. If you attended college, even if you didn’t finish, note it here. You can also list any industry-specific training courses or certifications in this section.

Additional Skills and Awards

If you have any additional skills that aren’t necessarily relevant to the position, go ahead and list them at the bottom. Likewise, academic or civic awards may be worth mentioning. Don’t go into a lot of detail, but you never know what could tip the balance and convince a hiring manager to move you ahead to the interview process.

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