Pre Job Interview Checklist

Job interviews can be inherently anxiety-producing, with lots of different things running through your mind. To calm your nerves and give yourself the best chance for success, it’s important to prepare in advance. Here are a few things to do in the days before your job interview.

Choose an Outfit

You’ll want to look your best, while also helping your interviewer imagine you in the role. Dress one level up from the typical formality for the company and position, but don’t go overboard. If everyone at the worksite wears jeans, you’ll look out of place in a three-piece suit. Whatever you wear, make sure it is clean, comfortable, and in excellent repair.

Do Your Homework

Go back through the job description in-depth to get an idea of which skills and qualities are most important. Come up with some ways to explain how you meet those qualifications. Also, do some research on the company. This can help you determine whether the position is the right fit for you. It can also give you some ideas for questions to ask your interviewer.

Do Mock Interviews

Your job interview should be a back-and-forth conversation rather than an audition. Run through a few practice interviews with someone who will give you honest feedback. This will help you frame your answers to common questions, keep the conversation going, and present yourself in a professional way.

Figure Out Transportation

You really don’t want to be late for your interview, so lower your stress levels by making a test run a day or two in advance. Make sure you know the best route and where to park or how to get there by public transit. On the day of your interview, leave at least 15 minutes early to account for delays.

A job interview is a bit of an unknown, and there are never any guarantees. But focusing on preparation can help calm your nerves while giving you the best possible chance for success.

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