Post Job Interview Checklist

So you made it through your job interview. Congratulations! Now comes the even harder part: waiting to hear something. You might be ready to relax and put it out of your mind, but there are a few important tasks to take care of first. Here is a post job interview checklist that can help boost your chances of getting hired.

Say Thank You

Common courtesy never goes out of style, and you want your interviewer to know that you enjoyed your time together. Shortly after your interview, or no later than the next morning, take the time to write a quick email. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and follow up on something that was discussed. Maybe you have a question that you forgot to ask, or perhaps you can remind the interviewer why you feel you’re perfect for the role. Keep it short and light.

Talk to Your References

Let your references know about your interview and who to expect to hear from. This is also a great opportunity to explain a bit about the position and why you think you’re the right fit. This can help your references know what to focus on during their discussion with your potential employer.

Reflect on What Happened

No interview is perfect, and none is all bad. Like anything in life, there are always things you did very well and things that could have gone better. Take a few minutes to reflect on the interview and see what you can learn for the future. Plan for a second-round interview with the company, as well as for potential interviews with other employers.

Keep Job Hunting

No matter how well it went, the job is not guaranteed until an offer is made and accepted. While you wait, continue to network, work temp jobs, and even submit your resume for other positions. Who knows? You could just end up in the position of having two or more job offers on the table.

A job interview can be stressful, and you may want to forget it when it’s over. But taking the time to perform a few post job interview tasks can boost your chances of success.

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