Why You Should Outsource Your Direct Hire Recruiting

Why You Should Outsource Your Direct Hire Recruiting

With our ever-changing global economy, finding and hiring the right people has become increasingly difficult. The competition is fierce and with the constant change in business conditions, the high unemployment rate, and skills shortages, there is most certainly a war for talent.

This kind of recruiting environment calls for an investment in outsourcing your recruiting to a direct hire group, executive recruiting firm, or a staffing company. As we outline below, outsourcing your direct hire recruiting to Surestaff can save you time, money, and make recruiting a swift well-managed process.

In this article, we share several compelling reasons why you should be outsourcing your direct hire recruiting.

Saves time

One of the main reasons that many organizations outsource their recruitment process is simple — it saves time and expedites the hiring process. The amount of communication required to craft job postings, respond to emails, return phone calls, and vet candidates can be overwhelming.

There’s also the responsibility of placing ads, conducting candidate searches, sourcing, screening, scheduling, interviewing, and negotiating — all of which are very time-consuming. And that’s valuable time that can be focused on better managing core business operations and performing mission-critical tasks.

Reduces costs

Outsourcing your recruiting can also save your company money. In a volatile economy, finding ways to reduce costs is at the top of most employers’ lists. When you conduct the entire recruitment process in-house, there are a plethora of real recruiting costs associated, including but not limited to the following:

● background checks
● drug screens
● pre-employment assessments
● digital and board licenses
● advertising on job boards, and
● digital marketing

Additionally, company HR departments don’t always have the dedicated resources and the hiring expertise needed to recruit effectively. Small to midsize companies, for example, may not have the staff or bandwidth to fully support a complete search, whereas when you outsource your recruiting, you typically have a team of dedicated recruiters available (and with all the right tools) — ultimately saving you both time and money – and ultimately the cost of a bad hire.

Leverages technologydirect hire recruiting

When you outsource your recruitment process, a dedicated team is typically set up and ready to go with all of the necessary technology – think executive recruiters, headhunters, or just recruiters. In the direct hire world, it all means the same. In this day and age, social media recruitment, specifically LinkedIn, is a must, along with posting on job search sites such as ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed.

Time is money and recruitment technology is very expensive, especially when it comes to applicant tracking systems (ATS) — that help companies organize and track candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes.

Digital marketing also plays a huge role in today’s recruitment. This of course includes social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok, but also video, email, web-based advertising, text, and multimedia messaging. Staffing agencies have dedicated team members who are well-versed in all digital platforms and have the tools needed to conduct a successful recruitment campaign.

Leverages expertise

Leveraging expertise is key when it comes to recruitment, particularly when sourcing for specialized and niche positions. In the case of SureStaff, these might include light industrial, mechanical, injection molding, and auto assembly, for example.

A staffing agency will also have professional senior-level recruiters on board with key industry and sector knowledge. This is extremely important as these recruiters typically have access to a large network or database of qualified passive and active candidates who have already been sourced. They may also have access to an alumni network of candidates they’ve worked with in the past, along with connections with hiring managers across many different industries.


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In short, there are many benefits to outsourcing your direct hire recruitment. Staffing agencies have systems and networks in place to help you find the right professional(s) for your needs more quickly than you would be able to manage in-house, and often with better results.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll discuss why you should consider using SureStaff for your direct-hire recruiting and search needs.


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