Optimizing Job Descriptions to Attract High Skilled Employees

To attract the right candidates, you’ll need to find a way to efficiently explain what the role entails and which skills are required. But how can you do that in a job posting without being overly wordy and boring? Here are a few tips to make your job descriptions both informative and compelling.

Familiarize Yourself with the Role

If you’re in human resources, you may not be familiar with the nuances of each position within your company. Talk to managers and front-line team members to develop a clearer understanding of what’s actually required for success. Be sure to take detailed notes, and then prioritize the list of requirements.

Grab Attention Right Away

Use your introductory paragraph to captivate job seekers’ imaginations. Remember that they’re likely reading through a lot of job descriptions, so you need something to make yours stand out. Start by introducing some exciting recent projects, mentioning what makes your company culture unique, or anything else you can think of that sets your organization apart.

Outline the Responsibilities

Use clear, plain language to briefly explain the core job duties. Choose action verbs to draw candidates in. Also mention how the position impacts the organization as a whole.

Divide Qualifications into Required and Preferred

You’re highly unlikely to find a candidate that ticks every box on your wish list. Decide what’s mandatory for success in the position, and what would be nice to have but nonessential. Clearly spell out each list so that candidates get a good idea of how they fit.

Be Transparent

Don’t play games with job seekers. Let them know up front what the salary range is and what the benefits look like. Also mention any unique incentives that your company provides, such as flexible work schedules or career development opportunities.

Use Appropriate Keywords

Today’s job seekers tend to use keyword searches to quickly sort through massive job boards. Make sure your postings are seen by using a few relevant keywords. Be careful not to use too many, though, or your job descriptions will sound unnatural.

Track and Refine

Track your results on a variety of key performance metrics. Analyze the applications you receive and tweak your job descriptions as needed. Also try posting on a variety of channels to see what works best for you.


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