Onsite Staffing Management Solutions

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Onsite Staffing Management Solutions with SURESTAFF, Inc.

SURESTAFF is Chicagoland’s Leader in Light Industrial Staffing.  With 39 Locations in Illinois, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  The Right People at the Right Time.

 SURESTAFF’s Onsite Staffing Solutions starts with first creating a comprehensive on-boarding plan that works as an extension of our employment agencies.  The goal is to manage all employee related functions, help increase staffing efficiency and work towards achieving overall work safety.

Having an onsite staffing solution will in turn make it easier to manage temporary and seasonal staff during high production season.  It reduces your share of administrative responsibilities while ensuring that adequate and efficient support is offered to temporary staff workers.  This is achieved with having a preplan for current and potential staffing needs.  This plan includes provisions for comprehensive training, staff motivation and encouragement to stay productive.  It allows for daily check-ins, conflict resolution, and overall retention improvement.

For the ultimate convenience on larger and demanding jobs we can provide you with an onsite.  A SURESTAFF representative who will help manage the staff. The dedicated representative will supervise employees and assist with:

  • On-site interviewing and recruiting
  • Check in/out employees
  • Adjusting the staff levels to meet production requirements
  • Reporting and Tracking by department/location
  • Orientation/safety video specific to your facility
  • New employee orientation
  • Time and attendance (time clock)
  • On-site skills testing
  • Distribution of payroll on-site
  • Safety training
  • Forklift certification
  • Provide all safety gear and instruction
  • Employee reviews/performance

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