Why “No Showing” for Your Job Is a Huge Mistake

Maybe your dream job turned out to be a nightmare. Or perhaps you’ve been with your employer for a long time and just can’t bring yourself to give notice. Either way, a “no call no show” might seem like the perfect way out. But not showing up is one of the worst things you can do for your long-term career. There’s nothing wrong with quitting a job you no longer like, but it’s important to do it responsibly and consider alternatives that might make you happy at work. Here’s why no showing is a huge mistake.

Burning Bridges

If you’re miserable at work, the last thing you want is future relationships with anyone there, right? Not so fast. You’re thinking emotionally rather than logically, so take a deep breath and analyze the situation. What about that nice manager in the accounting department? Or the coworker you have drinks with every Friday afternoon? No showing makes you look incredibly irresponsible, while also increasing everyone else’s workload. You’re likely to instantly lose all of your relationships with that employer and staff, so think twice before you act. Unless you plan to move to the other side of country, it is very likely you will run into these folks again – or at least folks who know or work with them.

Tanking Your Reputation

Don’t expect the news of your no showing not to leave the building. People talk, especially when they’re upset. You could find yourself the subject of gossip across your industry, making it very difficult to rebuild your reputation as a responsible team member. Regardless of “your side of the story”, the act of the no show is irreversible.

Losing References

Depending on state law, your employer may not be legally allowed to discuss the circumstances of your departure. But you can be sure that you won’t get a glowing recommendation. A nuetral or no recommendation is often seen as a bad sign. No matter how much time passes, a “no show” tends to be something that is not easily forgiven nor forgotten. And will probably require you to explain a resume gap in employment.

Risking Future Opportunities

In today’s world, it’s very uncommon for anyone to remain with the same company until they retire. Time passes and people move on. You never know when someone you used to work with will end up in a hiring position at your next dream company. Is it really worth risking your future just to get out of making a responsible exit?

No showing can cast a much longer shadow than you might expect. No matter how tempting it might be to simply walk away for good, it’s always better to go through the process of responsibly quitting your job. You’ll feel better about yourself and it will give you professional confidence as you begin a search for a new job or career opportunity.

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