Busting 5 Myths About Working with a Staffing Agency

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be ready for a fresh start. The past year and a half has been tough, and this is a great time to make a change. Whether you’ve been unemployed or simply want something new, a staffing agency can be a valuable resource in your job hunt. Yet there’s a lot of inaccurate information out there.

Here’s the truth behind 5 common myths about staffing agencies. You can also download our “Job Seekers Guide to Temp Agencies”.

They ONLY Offer Temp Jobs

One of the biggest myths about staffing agencies is that you can only get a temp job through them. While temp jobs come with their own unique advantages (flexibility, fast hiring, getting your foot in the door), the truth is that besides temp jobs, staffing agencies also offer two other types of positions: temp-to-hire and direct hire.

Think of temp-to-hire as the opportunity to test-drive a job. You’ll be hired as quickly as if it was solely a temp position, but if everything works out well, you’ll move into a full-time role with the company. If it ends up not being the right fit, though, you can simply walk away at the end of the initial contract.

Direct hire is just like getting a full-time job on your own, except that you’ll have the support and resources of the staffing agency. No more sending your resume off into a black hole! The agency will only refer you for open positions that are currently hiring for someone with your qualifications.

You Have to Have Work Experience

Nope….sorry, it’s just not true. Many jobs through temp agencies require experience, but most do not. If you are looking for a summer job, trying to break into the workforce, a recent grad, or returning to work after time-off, temping is a great way to get started; and, pay rates can be very good – even for workers with no experience. They may not be the most glamourous jobs, but they get your foot in the door.

The Jobs Are Low Paying

It’s hard to say where this myth comes from, but it simply isn’t true. Reputable staffing agencies place people in positions that pay at or above the market rate. In fact, your recruiter may even be able to help you negotiate a better offer.

They’re Not in Your Best Interest

Some people believe that staffing agencies work for the companies that use their services rather than for the job seekers they place. In reality, though, staffing agencies only succeed when they fit the right candidates to the right positions. They’ll work hard to help you land a job that is a strong fit for you in every way.

They Can’t Help You Land a Job

Did you know that a staffing agency’s services go far beyond just submitting your resume for consideration? In fact, staffing agencies offer numerous services that can help you land the job. Whether you need help updating your resume or practicing your interview skills, just talk to your recruiter. Even once you get the job, your agency can assist you with onboarding into your new role. For entry-level, younger workers, or people who have recently graduated, temp work is a excellent way to land a new job.

You Have to Pay to Play

One of the most common myths of all is that staffing agencies charge job seekers for their services. But the truth is, staffing agencies are paid by the companies they represent. As a job hunter, you won’t pay a cent for their services.

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