Mastering the Online Job Search

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Whether you are unemployed or considering a career move, mastering the online job search can ultimately help you find the best opportunity.

With so many different search strategies and hundreds of job search websites to choose from, the process can be quite overwhelming. But, now is the time you should be honing your skills. With the economy rebounding, vaccinations increasing, supply chains recovering, and COVID-19 subsiding, many people will be returning to the workforce and competing for great jobs. An edge in the job search is a unique advantage.

So where should you begin?

The best place to start is with the basics by ensuring that you first have all the essential tools you need. In this blog, we’ll provide you with key tips and a list of the top job sites to help you kick your online job search into full gear.

How to apply for a job online

First, make sure that you have a professional email address, preferably one that includes your name e.g., Next, you’ll want to ensure that your resume is up to date and be sure to have a cover letter written, as many employers require one as a part of the application process.

 Pro Tip: Some employers prefer to receive resumes in Word format and others prefer a PDF file, so be prepared with both versions in advance.


Once you’ve completed the above, you’ll want to update your profile on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. When you apply for jobs online, you’ll need to register with job boards or websites by creating an account. In some cases, when you upload your resume there will be a function that automatically populates your application details. Be sure to review the uploaded details to ensure they match your information.

It is also a good idea to create a system to help you track and follow up on your job applications. That way, when a recruiter calls, you will know which role they are referring to. If you know someone at a company to which you applied, it is perfectly acceptable to follow up within a week to check on your application status.

The best job search engines

The best job search engines or job boards for you may depend on the type of job you are seeking and the industry. Simply put, a job board is an employment website that serves up job ads posted by employers. Some job boards are more general and others focus on a specific industry such as IT, retail, or healthcare. Job sites connect employers with potential employees by aggregating lists for open positions.

The following four job sites are among the top-ranked by recruiters and job seekers:

  • Indeed is among the most popular of all job sites. It boasts being the largest job site in the world with over 250 million monthly users. Indeed scrapes thousands of jobs from company career pages. Many employers also post their jobs there directly. Their interface is user-friendly, and their mobile app also makes it easy to quickly apply for jobs on the go. One of the top features of this site is “single click” apply.
  • Glassdoor is known for being a resource for learning salaries and finding company reviews, but they also offer one of the best job search engines around. Many people like the slick interface and the ability to easily save job searches. Their mobile app also provides the same great functionality as their website.
  • LinkedIn has earned the reputation of being one of the best job sites around and no list would be complete without it. It delivers great job listings and allows you to extend your networking outreach with recruiters. You can also easily apply directly to jobs with your LinkedIn profile. If you have a paid account, you can even email a recruiter listed as the contact on a job posting directly. Having that type of access is invaluable!
  • Zip Recruiter boasts over 8 million jobs. One popular feature is their “one-click” application making it quick and easy to apply for jobs. You can also customize your resume for different job applications. One cool standout feature is that you are notified as soon as your application has been viewed.

The takeaway

No matter which job search engines you choose to use, be sure that you have a well-planned strategy in place and be sure to track your job applications. Focus on industries and companies that are hiring and use your personal and professional network as a resource. Remember that success does not come overnight, but if you persevere in your job search, the fruits of your labor will pay off.

 “The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.” Dennis Waitley, American motivational speaker

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