Must Have Skills as a Top Manufacturer

Are you considering a career in manufacturing? In this blog, we’ll break down a few top skills that employers are looking for. If you’re struggling to find the right fit, let our team at SURESTAFF help you find the right manufacturing opportunity for you! All of these “must have skills” are to a career in manufacturing and all can play an important role when it comes to promotion time.

Coding and Programming

While they’re not required, coding and programming skills are increasingly useful in landing a manufacturing job. That’s because manufacturing is becoming more and more automated. If you have a degree, certificate, or experience in computer science or a related field, you can move to the front of the pack.


If you were on the robotics team in high school or you enjoy working with robots in your spare time, be sure to list your experience on your resume. In addition to programming, robotics systems need regular maintenance, repair, and optimization.


Whether you’re creating a product or fixing a broken machine, welding skills are always needed in the manufacturing industry. If you don’t already have welding experience, earning a certification can be a great way to make yourself a more competitive candidate.

Problem Solving

Manufacturing is complex, with many processes, systems, and machines working together. Things can and do go wrong on the floor, and front-line workers need to be able to fix them. Be ready to show off your problem-solving skills in your interview by talking about a past situation at work or school.


The ability to motivate others and bring out the best in them is priceless across all industries. Manufacturing offers plenty of opportunities to move up, whether you want to be a floor manager or eventually occupy a corner office, but it all starts with leadership skills. Whether you got your experience at another manufacturing facility or on a high school team, leadership skills easily transfer across situations.

Soft Skills

These include all the skills that make you a great employee and team member. Professionalism, work ethic, communication, and time management are just a few of the soft skills that can help you land your next manufacturing position.

Ready for a new job?

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