5 Low Cost Ways to Show Employee Appreciation on a Large Scale

Employee appreciation is essential, but if you are managing a team of employees in a large organization, holiday gifting can get expensive! In this article, we’ll break down 5 low-cost ways to show your employees how much you value them.

Offer Extra Time Off

Who doesn’t love an unexpected day off with pay or some extra PTO? On some random Tuesday during the holiday season, announce that the entire company will close on Friday, with everyone receiving their normal pay. Or allow workers to choose one paid half-day off anytime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Make Donations

Making a donation in each employee’s name is a tax-deductible way to show employee appreciation. Allow them to choose from a list of charities, or set a deadline for them to submit the name of their charity of choice.

Throw a PartyEmployee gift giving and appreciation holidays

A companywide party can be a great way to promote cross-departmental bonding. Host it in the workplace during business hours, but turn it into a daylong program of games and fun activities. If you have remote workers, be sure to include some virtual events so that they can play along. And be sure to buy everyone’s lunch!

Give Experiences

Wine tastings, hot air balloon rides, golf trips…who doesn’t have a bucket list experience or two in mind? Curate a list of experiences you are willing to pay for, and let each employee select the one that speaks to them.

Create a Shippable Activity

If some of your team members are working remotely or distributed across multiple sites, this is a great way to bring everyone together. Ship an item or two to each person, and then use them in a virtual event. Examples include murder mystery boxes, pottery wheels, or ingredients for a cooked dish.

Organize a Volunteer Day

This is sure to promote bonding among large, distributed teams. Partner with a national charity group to set a volunteer day across multiple sites and encourage all employees to participate. They’ll get to know each other better while giving back to their local community. This is one of the largest, most active trends we have seen since the pandemic began in 2020.

Holiday gifting isn’t easy, especially if you run a large company. But with a bit of creative thinking, you can show your appreciation to everyone without breaking the bank. And, these tips can help you attract and retain talent.

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