What Your Job Posting Really Says About Your Company

Job postings tell potential candidates so much more than just what the role is, what the benefits are, or even how much it might pay; your job postings really say a lot about your company. Take into consideration what the tone of your writing and the information you choose to include say about your company culture, values, and expectations. Here are some things to think about.

Your Brand

Branding is key in the modern workplace. And what you say is no more important than how you say it. Candidates want to understand your company and what it stands for, just from the job ad. Is it a relaxed place that prioritizes work-life balance or a tough go-getter environment that demands long hours? What sets you apart from your competitors, and what do employees get out of coming to work every day? Take a close look at your ads and job posting during your hiring planning…the benefits will payoff.

Your Voice

The way you write your job ads, from the layout to the wording, can tell candidates a lot. Is your company formal and reserved? Your job descriptions should reflect that with professional wording and an impersonal tone. Are you casual or rigid? Do you prefer handshake agreements and rely on personal bonds to get deals done? Are you recruiting and managing millennials who might use a more casual or Gen Z-type language. Are you recruiting for warehouse, manufacturing, or logistics jobs that might require a demonstrated knowledge of the industry? Choose warm, personable language and a welcoming tone.

Innovation vs. Tradition

Some companies like to rely on the tried and true. They’re slow to adopt changes and they follow a very hierarchical structure. Others are on the cutting edge, taking a “fail fast and move on” approach to innovation. Use your job ads to let candidates know where your approach lies. If yours is a traditional light industrial company, stick to standardized hiring practices. If you value innovation, consider gamifying the application process, asking candidates to perform challenges that are relevant to the job but outside the traditional hiring box.

Every company is different, and what’s working for a competitor may not work for you.

The goal is to really assess your company, including its goals, values, and ways of conducting business. Then, create job postings that show those things in an authentic way. Many jobs are similar in their overall scope, daily duties, and compensation packages. But life at your company is different from life at any other, and it’s your job to demonstrate why and how.

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