5 Simple Yet Highly Effective Job Hunting Techniques to Land Your Dream Job

Trying to find your dream job? It can definitely be more challenging than expected! Here are five simple, yet highly practical job hunting tips you should consider.

Improve Your Resume

You won’t land a job solely on the basis of your resume, but you could lose the position before the hiring manager has even finished reading it. Keep it simple and straightforward, with no cutesy design elements. Focus on your accomplishments and use targeted keywords based on the job description. Customize it for each position, and be sure to proofread before submitting.

Consider Using Multiple Resumes

Although your resume should always be truthful and accurate, there is no reason to use the exact same version of it for every job application. If you’re applying for different positions or even different industries, using multiple resumes could be the best solution. You can focus each resume on your qualifications for a specific type of job, rather than trying to use a “one size fits all” version.

Find a Referral

Networking is a great way to boost your job hunting success. If you can get a referral for a specific position, ideally from someone within that company, it can go a long way toward boosting your chances of being hired. Hiring is time-consuming and expensive, and bringing in someone new is always a risk. But a referral from a trusted employee helps reduce some of that risk. Remember to hone your “soft skills.” Soft skills and how you present yourself online, in-person, and on your resume’ can be a big difference maker.

Put Email to Work for You

Job hunting today often involves sending emails, from resume submissions to thank you notes for interviews. Up your email game by following some simple best practices:

  • Personalize it
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Follow up after 48 hours if you haven’t heard back

Build a Website

Ever heard the old maxim, “Show, don’t tell?” Whether you are a computer programmer or a welder, it’s easy to build a website to show off your work. Words on a resume remain very important, but a website gives potential employers a far better understanding of what you can do. Be sure to provide a link on your resume and in your cover letter, and mention it during each interview. Of course, your website should be carefully curated and edited, showing off only your best projects. As always, it’s important to stay motivated during your job search. As many people say, “finding a new job is a job”!

Visit Your Local Temp Agency

While temp agencies primarily focus on temporary jobs (those with a definitive beginning and ending timeframe), most and have temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire positions available with many of their clients. Temp-to-hire positions are those where you work as a temp during a probationary period then convert to permanent work. This is a great way to get into a new job, career, or company. If you want to learn more about working with temp agencies like Surestaff, read this guide.

Ready for a new job?

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