What’s in It for Me – Fishing for Better Talent

We’re in a tight labor market, and top candidates can afford to be choosy. Attracting the best talent starts with your job descriptions. Ultimately, you’ll need to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” while also removing things that could drive job seekers away. Here are a few tips.

Do: Focus on Benefits

Today’s job hunters want more than just a paycheck. They’re looking for flexibility, a strong work culture, and an excellent work-life balance. Make sure your job descriptions reflect those values. Do you offer remote or hybrid options? Education and a learning culture? Flexible scheduling? Onsite daycare? Volunteer opportunities? Mentorship programs? Call out what makes your company a great place to work.

Do: List the Essential Requirements

Top-tier candidates want to know what’s actually required to succeed on the job. They don’t want a laundry list of every skill that might possibly be relevant. Focus your job descriptions on your “must haves” and then, if you must, create a separate section for “dream requirements.”

Do: Commit to Diversity and Inclusion

Today’s top job seekers are looking for a diverse environment that gives everyone a seat at the table. Attach a short, personalized statement to your job descriptions that briefly outlines your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Don’t: Use Non-Inclusive Language

If your job descriptions talk about “rock stars” or “ninjas” or something similar, top candidates will suspect that yours is a “bro culture” filled with white men. This can turn off many people who would otherwise be an excellent fit. Instead, use gender-neutral language to describe the actual position and expectations.

Don’t: Lean on Jargon

You might think that filling your job descriptions with jargon will help attract experts in your field. But in reality, this is rarely the case. At best, you’ll sound pretentious and like you’re trying too hard. At worst, you will dissuade applicants who may have all the relevant skills but don’t happen to see themselves as experts.

Attracting top talent in today’s labor market isn’t easy. But it all starts with writing thoughtful, tightly edited job descriptions that explain what you need and why a top-tier candidate should take a chance on your company.

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