6 Confidence Tips for Your Next Interview

It’s only normal to be nervous about a job interview, especially if you really want the position. But it’s essential to project confidence and the belief that you are the perfect person for the role. So what can you do to tame your nerves and boost your confidence right before the interview starts? Here are a few tips.

Have a Pep Talk

Call a friend or relative who is good at building you up. Or have a chat with yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how well you’re going to do. If other thoughts creep in, push them away and keep focusing on just how great you really are.

Reflect on Your Best Self

Remember that time that everything just went right for you, and you felt like you were floating on air? Conjure up that memory and latch onto the feelings it produces. Carry those with you into the interview. This is especially important if your interviewing for a job and you have no experience.

Do a Quick Meditation

Simple breathing exercises can calm your nervous system and put you into a clearer mindset. Close your eyes and breathe in for a count of five. Hold for a count of three, and then exhale for a count of seven. Repeat a couple of times until you feel more centered.

Try a Power Pose

What physical posture makes you feel the most confident? Hands on your hips? Arms lifting up toward the sky? Feet spread wide apart? Standing straight and tall? Find your own power pose in advance, and then take a moment to strike that pose just before the interview begins. Make sure you dress appropriately.

Use Visualization

Take a few moments to visualize the perfect interview. How are you sitting? What are you saying? Is the conversation flowing easily? In as much detail as possible, allow your mind to walk through a highly successful interview. Then you can focus on making it a reality. Can beyond the present and visualize your career goals and what skills or responsibilities you need to acquire. Be prepared! Visualize and anticipate questions – maybe questions that you would ask someone like “explain your gaps in your work history“. Consider these questions and be prepared with answers.

Put It in Perspective

A job interview may be important, but the fate of humankind isn’t riding on it. You’re simply there to have a conversation with another human being. And there are only two possible outcomes: You’ll get the job or you won’t. If you get the job, you will have worried for nothing. If you don’t get the job, you will have gained interviewing experience and will be able to reflect on lessons learned for next time. Either way, the earth won’t open up and swallow you whole. Maintaining perspective can help you relax and be yourself.

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