Human Resource Management in Light Industrial Staffing

Onsite & VOP staffing solutioons

SURESTAFF is Chicagoland’s leader in light industrial staffing.  With 27 branch locations in Illinois, Texas, Indiana and Wisconsin, we connect communities to job opportunities.

SURESTAFF offers seasonal, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct-hire and skilled staffing opportunities throughout the Chicagoland area.  We also offer onsite staffing solutions.  SURESTAFF provides direct deposit, overtime opportunities and transportation to a job site.  Once hired on as a permanent employee, additional benefits are offered to candidates.

It is essential to our core business model to understand, and plan for effective Human Resource Management in the light industrial sector.  Staffing is essentially the Management of Human Resources.

We have evolved our business strategy to effectively source, screen and match qualified candidates to job opportunities.  SURESTAFF understands that Human Resource Management starts with first creating a comprehensive onboarding plan that works as an extension of our employment agencies.

The goal is to manage all employee-related functions, help increase staffing efficiency and work towards achieving overall work safety.  Our onsite staff manages temporary and seasonal staff during high production season.  It reduces our customers’ share of administrative responsibilities while ensuring that adequate support is offered to temporary staff workers.  We provide comprehensive training, staff motivation and encouragement to stay productive.  SURESTAFF manages daily check-ins, conflict resolution, and overall retention improvement.

SURESTAFF is the first choice in staffing.  We have been in business for over 20 years! SURESTAFF is a full-service staffing firm founded in 1998.  With 27 branches, we can recruit more candidates for our customers!  We have a well-established Chicagoland presence.  In fact we’re the largest temp agency in Chicago. In addition, we work hard to create brand awareness not only with our physical locations, but with our online presence as well.  SURESTAFF has a diverse digital marketing reach that is geared towards engaging with candidates. 

We are innovative.  Not only are we innovative through our digital marketing efforts, we are also implementing innovative recruiting plans that are tailored to each of our customers’ needs.  We have experts that are highly skilled and dedicated to handle high-volume accounts.  We provide reports and accountability in all aspects of the recruiting process.

At SURESTAFF we work together with internal staff to utilize our experience and resources to carefully select candidates for each opening.  We provide support in risk management, safety, legal and human resources.  SURESTAFF has complete resources for all of your staffing needs.

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