Three Challenges Hiring Professionals Will Face in 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, there are certainly some challenges that will impact hiring managers. Let’s break down a few of the most common hiring issues for the new year and take a look at ways to address them. Here is what you need to know.

Finding Qualified Talent

One of the biggest hiring issues across all industries is an ongoing talent shortage. The unemployment rate remains very low, and there is fierce competition for qualified workers. You’ll need to find ways to stand out from the crowd if you want to attract the best and brightest in your industry. This often requires spreading your “hiring net” far and wide. Using a direct hire or placement firm helps if you want to bring on talent immediately.

A temp agency is especially useful if you are looking for someone on an interim basis, contract, or if you want to augment or supplement your team. Also, temp agencies are a good way to “try before you buy” with temp-to-perm (temp-to-hire) options.

Making Good Matches

It isn’t enough to find someone who looks good on paper. Finding the right fit is increasingly important to both candidates and companies. This means hiring employees whose values, work style, and overall approach mesh well with your existing corporate culture. To make good matches, you’ll have to carefully word your job descriptions and ask probing questions during the interview process.

Meeting Candidate Expectations

Salary remains extremely important to job seekers, but it isn’t enough on its own. The employee experience can be critical for retention. Today’s candidates are also looking for flexibility, work-life balance, career pathways, and more.

Be transparent in your job postings and throughout the interview process. The days of waiting until you make an offer to discuss salary and benefits are long gone. Letting people know what to expect upfront will save time and effort for both your hiring team and your applicants.

The Solution

So how can you address these hiring issues, especially if your HR department is already stretched thin? Consider partnering with a staffing agency like SURESTAFF. We understand the complex national labor market, and we know how to position your company to be as attractive as possible to local job seekers. We’re experts in matching the right candidates with the right roles. And we have streamlined processes designed to keep applicants engaged at every stage of the process. Here are some tips for attracting and retaining skilled talent.

Best of all? We do the heavy lifting. We’ll get to know your company and what you are looking for, and then we’ll get to work on recruiting while you focus on your core business. We will present you with a short list of highly qualified candidates who are well-matched to your organization and ready to go on Day One. We can even assist with onboarding once you make your final hiring decision.

Ready to hire?

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