Reasons to Hire the Inexperienced Candidate

If you’re ready to bring on some new employees, you’re probably searching for the best, right? But did you know that the best person for the job isn’t always the one with the most experience? Many inexperienced candidates are hungry to prove themselves, and they’ll reward you for taking a chance on them through their enthusiasm, loyalty, and willingness to go the extra mile. And they are often less expensive than more seasoned workers, even when you factor in the costs of training. Here are a few reasons to take on an inexperienced candidate.

They Have Skills

Just because the person isn’t experienced in the specific role you’re hiring for doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something to offer. Soft skills such as communication, organization, and time management can translate across industries. Leadership, collaboration, and negotiation skills may, depending on the job, be even more important than direct technical knowledge.

They Don’t Have Bad Habits

There’s a reason sports coaches like to identify talented kids early and guide them as they grow. It can be difficult to undo the results of poor training or bad work habits. A more inexperienced employee may also be more open to learning your way of doing things, as well as to taking classes or otherwise building new skills. This also provides an opportunity to provide coaching and feedback early in the process. Rather spending a lot of time correcting behavior or bad habits, you become their teacher – showing a new employee how to do a task or manage a responsibility. Candidly, that’s why robust training programs are so valuable.

Company Shakeup

Hiring inexperienced candidates can help bring fresh new ideas and keep your business from becoming stale. You’ll be training the next generation of business leaders while collaborating with them on new ways of doing things.

Giving Someone Their First Break

We were all brand new once. You probably still fondly remember the first person to give you a chance. If you’re in the position to do that for someone else, why not? Let your instincts guide you as you assess whether the person is someone in whom you are ready to invest. Focus on determining her work ethic, willingness to learn, and flexibility. You can always lower your risk by hiring the person on a temp-to-hire basis or implementing a 90-day probationary period.

Ready to hire?

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