A Guide to Handling an Influx of Job Applications

Are you receiving a bunch of applications for each open position? This can be a good thing, because it gives you lots of candidates to choose from. However, too many job applications at once can quickly become overwhelming. Here are some tips to manage a sudden influx.

Use Automation

Automating the initial screening process makes it easier to handle a large volume of applicants. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can rapidly scan resumes and cover letters for relevant keywords, automatically discarding those that don’t meet your basic qualifications. You can then follow up with online assessments to further determine if candidates’ personalities, skills, or other factors are a good match. This will significantly reduce the number of resumes that your team members need to manually review.

Develop a Scoring System

Next, consider implementing an objective scoring system to help your HR team quickly rank applicants. Assign points to different parts of the application package, such as the resume, online assessments, and interviews. Then, create rubrics to grade each element. This helps to remove unconscious bias, while also reducing the amount of time it takes to consider each applicant.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

While automation and scoring systems can vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to review job applications, it will take some manpower to get those things set up. You’ll also need to track your results and tweak them over time. If your HR department is already stretched to the limit, why not just outsource the process altogether? We already have the systems in place to quickly manage a high volume of applicants.

We’ll sit down with you to learn exactly what you’re looking for and what sort of candidate would be the right fit. Then we’ll do the heavy lifting, processing applications, and screening applicants for you. We will present you with a short list of highly qualified, fully vetted candidates who are ready to go on Day One so that all you have to do is choose one. And when you’ve made your selection, we can even assist with onboarding.

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