Four Signs Your Employee is On Their Way Out

Do you have a feeling your employee may be leaving? If you can’t afford to lose anyone else, keep an eye out for signals that they may already have one foot out the door. Here are four signs of imminent resignation.

Updating Online Profiles

You certainly don’t want to become an online stalker. But if your gut tells you that an employee is considering leaving the company, take a quick look at their online profiles. If their LinkedIn, portfolio, or other online presence has recently been updated, this may signal that they’re on their way out.

Increasing Professional Networking

Are you starting to run into your employees at job fairs or professional networking events? This is one of the clearest signs of imminent resignation. There could certainly be another explanation, but take this one as a red flag.

Cashing Out PTO

If you have an employee who historically rolls over a lot of PTO time from year to year, suddenly cashing out typically means that something is going on. Don’t jump to conclusions, as your employee may be coping with a health or personal issue…or maybe they simply decided it’s time for a dream trip to Hawaii. But it’s worth keeping a closer eye on what else your employee is up to.

Dramatic Attitude Shift

When an employee has one foot out the door, they tend to show it in their attitude toward their current employer. Keep an eye on team members who suddenly stop volunteering for new projects or start staying quiet in meetings. You might also feel like they’re “phoning it in,” doing as little work as they can get away with.

Of course, there are dozens of other possible explanations for the behaviors listed above. But taken together, they could be signs of imminent resignation.

However, the fact that an employee is considering making a change doesn’t mean that it’s too late to stop them.

Consider scheduling a one-on-one meeting with your team member to talk about how they’re feeling. Listen openly to their feedback, and look for ways to act on it. Feedback is good and can hint that you may have a toxic work environment.

There may be an easy fix or two that you could implement to keep them on board or ways you implement best-practices (or avoid bad practices). And it’s always smart to retain your current team members when possible, rather than starting over with someone new.

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