Expedite the Hiring Process with Direct Hire Services

direct hire services for hiring talent

Expedite the Hiring Process with Direct Hire Services

Since the beginning of the pandemic, organizations have faced many business challenges.  Of those, recruiting and hiring talent rank at the top of the list for business executives.  Direct Hire Services (DHS) can greatly accelerate and expedite your hiring.

Prior to the pandemic, executives were able to lean on their HR teams to help provide the organization with the talent needed in order to keep the business moving forward.  When the Pandemic hit, many HR teams became overwhelmed with new reporting standards, remote work situations, and limited in-house Talent Acquisition resources, leaving little time to focus on recruiting.

Surestaff named one of the top Direct Hire and Search firms in the United States by Manage HR magazine
Surestaff Named Top 10 Direct Hire Firms in the U.S. by ManageHR Magazine

Fast forward 24 months to where the recruiting landscape significantly changed due to a candidate-driven market and a new race to acquire talent.

Speed to Hire: The New Normal for Recruiting

Some human resource professionals are referring to this era of hiring as speed hiring, a term that resonates with the current flux in the market and the number of positions that are open within their organization. Employers are thus looking to accelerate hiring process by partnering with direct hire staffing agencies to reduce the time and money required to properly identify and hire talent.

As the demand for direct hire services increases, so does the urgency of time to hire—making it more important than ever to snag top-notch candidates, and quickly! That’s thanks to the fact that we are currently operating in a “candidate-driven” market where potential applicants have the upper hand.

“It may be beneficial for recruiters to speed hire, as professionals well-versed in the work of the company perform well and easily find jobs.” — Alex Mastin, CEO and Founder of Home Grounds

So how can you effectively fast-track the hiring process to ensure that you don’t miss out on quality candidates?

Benefits of Direct Hire Services

There are many benefits associated with partnering or outsourcing with a Direct Hire Staffing Service. When speaking with our clients we hear that the biggest benefit they see is a reduction in the time it takes to hire a qualified candidate.

  • Direct hire services (DHS) utilize various (and expensive) recruiting platforms in order to cast a “wide net” in attracting talent, providing clients with more candidates in a shorter period of time.
  • DHS customizes the hiring process to become an extension of your business and to ensure candidates fit your needs. We thoroughly review job descriptions, compensation, benefits, work life and environment, organizational structure, company history and culture, and explain the hiring process.
  • DHS partners fast track your hiring process by reducing the internal interview steps needed to prescreen and qualify candidates. That means less time spent interviewing unqualified candidates and greatly reducing the risk of a bad hire.
  • Throughout the recruiting process, DHS builds trust and rapport with each candidate ensuring that when you decide to hire a candidate, they see the process through to the start.
  • “Standing up” and organizing an internal recruiting process can be expensive and comes with real costs – direct and indirect. Job boards, paid campaigns, time spent screening and interviewing candidates, the onboarding and training process, etc. can all add up to an enormous amount of time and costs. Outsourcing this process helps eliminate many of these expenses.
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At Surestaff, we specialize in direct hire, search and placement. We customize our process for you, and our dedicated team will help accelerate the hiring process—so you can find the best person for your company.

Working with the right staffing agency for your direct hire placement needs can be crucial to your recruitment efforts. Surestaff offers a 100% guarantee for all placements we make; if for some reason the fit is not “right” with your new employee, we guarantee a no-fee replacement in the first 30 days or placement.

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